Chechen women attacked with paintball guns for “immodest” dress

Chechnya’s Kremlin-installed strongman Ramzan Kadyrov ordered disobedient women to be attacked by paintball guns.

Kadyrov and Tsar Putin. Using Islam to being stability to the Kremlin.

New York-based Human Rights Watch has the following report from Chechnya. Kremlin-installed strongman Ramzan Kadyrov has ordered Chechen women to wear “modest attire” that covers their entire bodies.

That cover is including cover for their heads, whenever they go outdoors.

Kadyrov has sent vigilantes into the streets to attack disobedient women with paintball guns, according to a report just released by Human Rights Watch.

The often violent “virtue campaign” that Mr. Kadyrov launched in 2006 contravenes Russian law and violates the basic constitutional rights of Chechen women, who are Russian citizens, the group says.

Yet both the Kremlin and Kadyrov’s main sponsor, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, have remained silent about the issue.

Source: World Wide Religion News

My comment:

I must say Islam display creativity, in regards to how to suppress their women.  To enforce them to follow Sharia Laws, why not shoot them with paintball guns?

The paintball bullets are only of paint. They do not kill anyone. But ladies will be intimidated, when they are covered with filthy paint on their dresses.

It is not nice to be hit by a paint ball bullet, if you do not wear an uniform.
If Muslim girls do not look like this, they were painted in public.

I do not what is take for the reader, to see the evil and wickedness that is contained in the Koran. All kind of demonic oppression will follow in the footstep, for those who submit to “allah” and his messenger.

Written by Ivar

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