Apple acted as Police in trace of iPhone 4S

Vice president of global security, John Theriault has resigned from Apple. He used the Police to enter a private house, to look for a lost phone.

John Theriault exposed the nexus between Global corporation the the Police force. They will find you, when they want.

Apple’s vice president of global security, John Theriault, has left the company. In the wake of the investigation into the whereabouts of a lost iPhone 4S prototype earlier this year in which Apple’s security personnel allegedly impersonated San Francisco police officers, many believe that kerfuffle was the reason for Theriault’s departure.

In that incident, Apple security tracked the lost prototype to a San Francisco home where personnel — accompanied by real San Francisco police — were allowed into the home by Sergio Calderón. Mr. Calderón believed the Apple employees were police, and said that he would not have let them in if he had known otherwise.

Both Apple and San Francisco police are investigating what really happened that day, and the company has been in contact with Mr. Calderón. Unfortunately for Apple, the prototype was never recovered.

According to AllThingsD, which confirmed an unsubstantiated rumor first posted on 9to5Mac, Apple isn’t saying that the incident is the reason for Mr. Theriault’s departure. Instead, they’re saying that he has retired from the company, which sounds like a nice way of giving Mr. Theriault a choice between leaving gracefully or being fired.


My comment:

Suppose you took an iPhone 4S in a bar by mistake. Would you like the Apples security squad breaking into your house, looking for the lost phone?

Today, this is possible. The GPS phones makes it a piece of cake, to locate you. If people get the passwords to your account, you will loose everything. You electronic ID’s are stored by Apple.  Are they safe?

If a not faithful servant inside Apple, give someone the chance to ” GPS trace you and your family”, braking into your house, becomes next to a perfect crime.

You told the thief, you were not at home.  Maybe you already had told the World on Facebook?

Welcome to the digital age, where someone who you do not know, knows your wear-a-bouts all the time.

If you are an evangelical Christian, you are supposed to be hated by the World. Are you?

Or do you have to many friends on Facebook or Skype, to be bothered by telling people about Heaven and Hell?

Written by Ivar

One thought on “Apple acted as Police in trace of iPhone 4S

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  1. Dear Ivar.


    Who will escape Big Brother? All emails and phone calls are already scrutinized. Let’s pray for boldnesses in sharing the gospel no matter the cost. Even on fb there are opportunities to witness.
    But don’t be foolish and tell the world when you are away from home.

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