Battle cry’s Ron Luce branded leader of cult

US TV: “Youth in Teen Mania Ministries are members of a cult”.

Ron Luke told his youth to eat worms. Only organically grown, he explains.

MSNBC aired a documentary Sunday night featuring former interns from Teen Mania Ministries as a embers of a cult.

During the film, video clips are shown of teens enduring extreme physical activities – like crawling through mud and preparing to eat worms – but Luce says the video is over 10 years old and is never fully explained.

But Luce says filmmakers didn’t put the video clips in context. The worms that were eaten, for example, were “organically grown, made for human consumption” and were only a part of the camp because the reality television series “Fear Factor” was popular at the time.

The filmmakers are also accused of taking audio clips out of context. In one clip, Honor Academy Executive Director David Hasz is heard saying, “We are not going to show compassion to you.” In context, Luce says that was part of a broader message in which Hasz was explaining that the event was designed to be difficult for a reason.

Source:  Christian Post

My comment:

A pastor in Norway  took the Church youth through water boarding. He claims he trained them not to give up their faith during torture.

The Media showed him no mercy.

To force youth to eat worms, even if they are “organically grown”, is another fruit if wickedness.

There is nothing about this kind of training in the Bible. There is not a single verse in the New testament, who display such lessons given by Jesus. The Holy Spirit is not a bully, but a gentleman. Worms are not Mana from Heaven.

The theology of Teen Mania is also wrong. Ron Luce tells his students they shall try to establish “gods kingdom on Earth”. Just like the Pope.

This is written on their web-site:

 The answer became both: They chose to reach out to young people and inspire them to change the world through missions by following the Biblical example of Jesus and giving compassion and hope to others with their lives.

To change this World is impossible, and a waist of time. Because the World dwells in evil. The Church is not a “kingdom builder” but a rescue mission. The true Church is a group of living stones who are not of this world. Waiting to be rescued, and taken home to Heaven. Lets do our best while we are here.

Jesus said it plainly: “My Kingdom is not of this World”.

The false prosperity gospel, leads people into worship of the flesh, and the goodies this World has to offer.  The movement who in our days run the race to win the Earth, do not understand the times. “Kingdom Now, or Domain Theology, is another false gospel”.  The last days shall not be known for massive revivals and support for Jesus of the Bible. But for deceptions and apostasy, and the massive revival around the One World Religion and the last anti-Christ. By massive false signs and wonders, the man of lawlessness, will deceive all who demands manifestations to believe in “god”.

When focus is wrong, and the theology is full of deception, the fruits will obviously become bad.

To act like a demon, and force youth to do wicked stuff, is wired and regrettable.

Is this what it takes to prepare youth to make a great show in public, that will be broadcasted on

There is surely enough things to do, during discipleship training. Like teaching the youth to forgive people who harm them, to help their neighbors, and to take special care of the sick and needy. No need to eat worms. Rather go and display the Gospel to the people around you. Pray that the Holy Spirit will cut their heart, and that some of them will be found home in the kingdom of Heaven.

To follow Jesus is not difficult, if you are lead by the Holy Spirit. We walk in preplanned works. By their fruits, we will come to know who obey the Messiah, and who do not.

Please read Matthew 7:21-23 all over again. Heaven will not be populated with all who claim they are “born again”

Written by Ivar

One thought on “Battle cry’s Ron Luce branded leader of cult

  1. I’m sorry but I have to disagree with you. First of all, I’m sure that eating worms was part of a fear factor styled (which I assume you don’t know about) summer camp game that the teens voluntarily participated in. He obviously doesn’t believe that eating worms is key to spiritual growth, as you suggest. And it’s legalistic to suggest that these teens can’t play games.

    “Thy KINGDOM COME, thy will be done, ON EARTH as it is in heaven”

    You compare the ministries attempt to broaden Gods kingdom upon earth to the pope. A foolish and ill-informed jump. Also when he says change the world he obviously doesn’t mean the broken earth, but the sinners (or possible members of the Church) that are yet to be regenerated. The elect that it is our duty to deliver the gospel to. After all God desires for the whole earth to be saved.

    Also Jesus said that following him would not be easy (narrow are the gates), and that his followers would face persecution as He did! Also he said that you must be born again to enter the kingdom of heaven!!!

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