Archbishop of Sweden rebuke state for supporting Israel

The Swedish vote against Palestine in UNESCO is both surprising and regrettable.

The Archbishop of Sweden Anders Wejryd rebukes his Prime Minister.

This is written in a letter from the Archbishop of Sweden Anders Wejryd to the PM Fredrik Reinfeldt.

The bishop is very critical to the Swedish “no vote” to accept “Palestine” as a member state of Unesco.
Sweden joined a group of 14 nations that voted against a non statehood become a statehood member.

“Sweden wants the issue of Palestine membership in UN organizations being solved in the Security council. We are against the timing of the UNESCO vote, not about the principle of a two-state-solution”, explains a press release from the Swedish PM’s office.

The Church of Sweden do not buy the argument.
“Sweden must be more clear in their support of the two-state-solution, that will bring an end to the Israeli occupation”, is the view of Erik Lysen, child of the Church operations abroad.

: Dagen. se.

My comment:

To claim that Israel is occupying their Biblical homeland, is not a view based on the revelation of the Holy Spirit. At best, this kind of statement is based on multiple lies told by of humans, and the falsification of history.

That secular people side with Islam, is of course regrettable. That the Archbishop of Sweden do not see the writings on the wall, is a spiritual catastrophe. There are hundreds of thousands of people who listen to the deceptive talk of this man, being royally deceived.

In the end, they will face judgment. Repent, or perish.

Written by Ivar

One thought on “Archbishop of Sweden rebuke state for supporting Israel

  1. It saddens me to see more and more so called Christians denying the bible when it comes to Israel, if they are fooled on this what else will they be fooled on.

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