Harder to raise funds for Zionism among Jews

Political disagreements are increasingly influencing people’s choices on where to direct their money.

An Orthodox Jew recieve an Israeli flag after his homecomming from New York City.

It is getting increasingly difficult to persuade donors, especially younger ones, to give money for Israel – this was the main conclusion one could draw from a series of “round tables” held this morning at the GA in Denver.

“If you’re over 50 you talk about the Six Day War, the creation of Israel and the saving of Ethiopian Jews, but if you’re under 50 – you have no idea what we’re talking about,” said a representative of a Midwest community federation.

There is a general unease about giving to Israel, because it’s hard to tell what its needs are these days, said one. The younger donors don’t understand why we need to be giving to Israel, which has its own rich people and which is described, after all, as having one of the healthiest economies in the world, said another. Political disagreements, said yet a third, are increasingly influencing people’s choices on where to direct their money.

Source: Haaretz

My comment:

There are many reasons why Zionism is on the back foot.

First and foremost:

Anti-Zionism on the rise among people who claim to be Jewish.  Even inside Israel, there are a lot of people who are willing to revoke the war victory of 1967, and accept that Israel have lost.


Materialism and hedonism in Israel is not very different from anywhere else on the Planet. People do not desire to stay in a Kibbutz, but would rather use their credit cards is the shopping malls in and around Tel Aviv.


The International community has criminalized Zionism.  As en example: Like Iran, Norway believe Zionism is a crime against International laws. To give give money to Jewish settlers is a criminal act, and donors will be penalized in the Norwegian tax system.


The Bible says in the last days, people will surrender their faith, and rather start to hate and betray each other. This kind of development is seen both in the Christian World, and among Jews.

In the end, the Jews can not put their trust in Zionism. It will be the Messiah they will call on, not the Jewish agencies.  Jesus the Messiah will come and finish off the enemies of the truth, all who have branded God of Israel a liar.

Written by Ivar

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