Hizb”Allah plans to capture Northern Israel

Hizbullah will hit Tel Aviv with missiles at the outset of the war, while also dispatching forces to conquer the Galilee.

Hasan Nasrallah is conviced he can beat Israel in the next war, and bring destuction deep into the Jewish state.

According to a source close to Hizbullah, the group’s leader, Hasan Nasrallah, has told his field commanders that in the next military conflict with Israel.

The operational plan was formulated in tandem with senior Iranian strategic experts and will include a force of 5,000 fighters who have recently trained in Iran, tasked with taking over northern Israeli towns including Nahariya, Shlomi, and Carmiel.

It was said that engineering units of the Iranian army have mined areas in the eastern Bekaa Valley that were seen as possible landing sites for Israeli special forces, and that Hizbullah had equipped itself with “smart” Iranian anti-tank missiles that can disrupt the defensive systems of Israel’s Merkava tanks.

Nasrallah’s recent escalation of public statements stems from heightened fear in Hizbullah that an Israeli and/or American attack on Iran is drawing nearer. As a strategic arm of Iran, Hizbullah sees itself as Iran’s first line of defense against Israel.

Source: JCPA.org

My comment:

By permitting Hizb’Allah to place rockets in southern Lebanon, Israel has delayed the inevitable.

When the third Lebanon war starts, Tel Aviv will most likely be hit by missiles.

Secular Jews at large, do not realize that this is a likely scenario. They feel that giving Islam East-Jerusalem, will bring the much needed peace, and keep “Israel proper” safe.

The only hope for Israel is the return of the Messiah. The day the enemies stand at the field of Armageddon just south of Lebanon, they will face the iron fist. God the Almighty will strike.

Do not place your self on the wrong side.

Written by Ivar  

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