Catholics in Mexico worship the “saint of death”

A bad tree can not bear good fruits. Take a look of the fruits of Roman Catholicism in Mexico.

Catholics in Mexico parade their saint of death through the streets.

They pray their rosaries to the “Mother of God”, and they do their worship in Catholic shrines.  Still they worship “Santa Muerte”. This saint who brings “holy death”, is nothing less than the devil him self.

When you thought you knew all about the Chaos the Vatican has spread all over Earth, you might be baffled by these photo’s.

How on Earth could claimed to be “true Christianity”, produce insanity like this?

If you did not know, that the Pope him self is a worshipper of skulls, skeletons and corpses, you might not have been able to find the correct answer:

The spiritual source of this deception lies with the Papacy in Rome. The chair of “The Holy Father”, who has been elevated to the Power seat of God him self.

The Catholics has put an idol of the devil inside the family alter, and worship him.

The Vatican claim that this religious movement in Mexico, is a cult. The reason behind the Pontiff’s rejection of them, can only be that they do not adore and venerate the Papal approved bones. They are some kind of freelancers within the Roman Catholic movement.

Are you still puzzled with why 30.000 people in Mexico has been slaughtered in the drug wars?

This is the official version from Wikipedia.

On the first of November the anniversary of the altar to Santa Muerte constructed by Enriqueta Romero is celebrated. The Santa Muerte of Tepito is dressed as a bride and wears hundreds of pieces of gold jewelry given by the faithful to show gratitude for favors received, or to ask for one. The celebration officially begins at the stroke of midnight of November 1. About 5,000 faithful turn out to pray the rosary. For purification, instead of incense, there is the smoke of marijuana.

A gathering of devil worshipers in the streets of Mexico.
A Mexican wants to join his idol in the eternal death.

As of 2009, devotion to Santa Muerte has been on the rise in the United States for the past ten years or so, mostly following the millions of Mexicans who have immigrated to the country. Evidence of devotion to her can be seen anywhere there is a large Mexican community, such as New York City, Houston, Tucson and Los Angeles. There are fifteen officially registered religious groups dedicated to her in Los Angeles alone which includes the Temple of Santa Muerte.

Source: Wikipedia.

Romans 1:25

They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen.

2 Thessalonians 2: 9-12.

The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie, and all the ways that wickedness deceives those who are perishing.

They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved.

For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.

First published 22.12.2010.

Written by Ivar

24 thoughts on “Catholics in Mexico worship the “saint of death”

  1. OMG!! I wonder how many will really go to heaven from among the 6-Billion + people in this world. What a waste of souls!!

    Ivar, I hope many will read your blog and learn what sort of religion/s they are really into, then repent and return to the True G-d.

    1. Dear Jes.


      Our job is to expose whose who live in darkness. But if we our self are not the light that shines among men, we are not true followers of Jesus.

      Matthew 5:14
      “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.

      Matthew 5:16
      In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

      (end of scriptures)

      I pray that both of us will be able to shine among men, and display the truth about Jesus. May Him continue to bless you with all kind of Heavenly blessings. Amen.

  2. Wow!! You people have been brain washed thru years of bullshit!! What makes you think the bible is the true word of god.. None of you were there it just a form of government propaganda used to control the retarded masses like yourself from thinking outside of the box. Am sure Jesus if there ever was one never wanted one religion or a major organized religion to be followed by everyone that right their is true evil and satans playground. I my self have a holy death statue right in my room!! And yes people I am Mexican!!! Because am trying to escape the bullshit we have been feed for the last thousands of decades. I don’t pray to it! I don’t make sacrifices to it.. I simple acknowledge it because it is just like use a skeleton and it’s the only true and certain thing in the universe that awaits us all sweet merciful death! so stop lifting your noises up high like your shit does not stink and live life happy and worry free.

    1. Dear Cisco.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      You wrote about the skeleton in your house:

      …because it is just like use a skeleton and it’s the only true and certain thing in the universe that awaits us all sweet merciful death!

      My reply:

      Jesus speaks about a death, full of pain and agony. In the fire of Hell.

      Revelation 20:14
      Then death and Hades were thrown into the lake of fire. The lake of fire is the second death.

      God your creator is free to do with you whatever He wants. God is Holy, and you are a truth-mocker. Just prepare your self. You shall not get a god nights sleep for eternity. You existence will be like an everlasting nightmare. If you do not repent, and asks Jesus for mercy. Amen.

  3. Listen young and old, The Great Father Our God is forgiving and merciful;
    Repent now and it will not be too late, for your judgment is never final in the EYES OF OUR ONLY GOD,


    This is the word OF Luka


    This are the my WORDS


    1. Dear God follower.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      Why have you deleted the name of Jesus? The Bible says, that there is no other name, that man can be saved?

      1. If there is no other name by which man can be saved apart from that of Jesus Christ, why then do you contradict the scriptures by insisting that Jews who do not honor Jesus as Messiah and the Son of God, are children of God? Why do you preach Israel, a nation of unbelievers, instead of Jesus Christ and Him crucified? Why do you dishonor God and His Messiah by sustaining such falsehood that contradicts the Bible? You are as deceived as those you condemn as being deceived

  4. This is the culmination of a wonderful journey that started in 1980. After a dramatic conversion into our Lord and Saviour’s Kingdom in 1976, I soon became extremely interested and extremely excited about the entire subject of eschatology (study of prophetic events) and related issues. As a journalist and photographer covering many wars, conflicts and the dramas of the world since 1972, this Biblical subject hit home in a big way. In 1980 I started to share these things through a cumbersome audio-visual presentation, which I called “The Greatest Drama of All” It then progressed to manuscript form for a book and now into its final manifestation…the profoundly important, life changing…Prophetic Scroll! Its purpose is to educate, inform and share with you the dramatic issues of our time in many fields, as they relate to the overall Biblical prophetic picture and to bring hope and salvation to the lost. It is a calling to unfold and share the wisdom contained in the scriptures and to give understanding and guidance to all who would care to read and study it’s pages. It is an urgent call to be prepared…don’t delay, as these are eternal issues!
    The format is short, choppy and non-exhaustive. Please study these things further and prayerfully yourself.
    NB Please note that because I may quote from various sources, this does not necessarily mean I subscribe to everything that they say or stand for.

    1. O, really?? Have you found out who the Jesus of the catholics is? Is he Nimrod the Babylonian Jesus or is he YESHUA(JESUS) of NAZARETH, ISRAEL.

      So don’t be too sure for the road to hell is wide open many can drive in there all at once, but the road to Heaven is a very narrow winding difficult path only an individual can pass thru .. Take this good advice and choose your path wisely for Wisdom comes only from YESHUA(JESUS) OF NAZARETH, the KING of ISRAEL.

  5. Dear Cisco,
    Not God talk; but reality, sometime back I was asked by a person who only eats vegetables, chicken and eggs ”what is the taste of pork-meat”. What answer would anyone give, eat it and check it out yourself.
    If I attempt to read and understand something, a good DICTIONARY is also necessary. Do I know the magnitude of Almighty & Eternal, can I understand Omnipotent, Omniscience, Omnipresent, Absolutely and Infinetely perfect Spirit and the creator of all,covenant relationship, covenant qualities etc. etc.
    Friend it takes a investement of time and effort.Refer every word to know indepth meaning
    Readymade stuff handed over to me is deception; maybe pleasing to my 5 senses.
    Perishing because of ignorance.Ask for WISDOM and guidance for daily decision to know the TRUTH. Work-based religion or street- morcha religion is never desired by Jesus Christ of Nazereth.

  6. You are a dumbass. I am Catholic and I know for a fact that what you have said in this article is not true at all. For all who read this Catholics dont worship saints, priest, or popes. We acknowledge that they came and helped spread the word of God and that they were punished for their beliefs…that is what a saint is. A priest and pope just spread the word of God no different than a pastor. Second I am hispanic and the reason why there are festivals and skeletons are because they a used to represent the ancestors of those who are celebrating because they believe that the spirits of they dead are allowed to visit the family once a year. So it’s not devil worshipping. So next time you want to quote scripture and bash an entire race and religion you arrogant bastard do your research. “Treat one as you would like to be treated.” Jesus Christ.

    1. Spyder,

      If you’d like to continue posting on this site, you will do so without cursing/name calling.

      That you are a Catholic and believe in idolatry and the lies of this horrendous religion, is a said thing inedded.

      The photos posted on this website, have told the truth. You continue to pray to dead people, their dead body parts, on your knees, falsely believing that Mary was queen of heaven, without sin.

      You believe in a jesus not of the Bible.

      For Christ says:

      Matthew 4:8-10 Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory. And he said to him, “All these I will give you, if you will fall down and worship me.” Then Jesus said to him, “Be gone, Satan! For it is written, “‘You shall worship the Lord your God and him only shall you serve.’”

      Also I am Hispanic, and it saddens my hearts that you refuse the Word of God, and instead are lead to the wide gates of hell.

  7. Gloria

    Amen, Those typical roman catholic man was brainwashed with false catechiscm so he misunderstood God’s word, When you ask many Marian devouts this question Why mary is mother of god they’ll said Jesus is God so that means Mary is God’s mother can you see how corrup they are?

  8. How DARE any of you use religion to revile others? Grow up, I myself am probably younger than any of you and I find this tedious. I don’t want people quoting the things that they themselves don’t truly understand. Use your own words don’t quote the Bible to me. Everybody has their own interpretation of religion. i myself used to be Catholic but I converted. NOT because it was “corrupt” but because I had to find my own path to enlightenment. I believe that if you live your life without harming others and do your hardest to be the best you can be even a “satanist” can find their path to peace.

    1. Faith alone in Jesus Christ alone is the only way to heaven and to avoid hell, and it is too late to be saved after death. Jesus Christ is God and died to pay for our sins and rose again. Nothing else can pay for our sins, not our works or religions or anything. So to be in heaven, you must believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior. Jesus loves you!

    2. Farina,

      Your own path to enlightment will get you a seat in hell. It is the truth. For it is written by God:

      John 8:24 I told you that you would die in your sins; if you do not believe that I am [the one I claim to be], you will indeed die in your sins.

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