Muslims who kidnap a Jew will get 900.000 USD

Khaled bin Talal adds USD 900,000 to Saudi cleric’s USD 100,000 reward for whoever abducts Israeli soldier‬‬.

Another Saudi Prince put a bounty on the head of Israeli soldiers.

Saudi Prince Khaled bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud declared Saturday he would give USD 900,000 to whoever abducts an Israeli soldier in order to be exchanged for Palestinian prisoners.

In an interview with Saudi TV, bin Talal stressed that his offer was in response to a similar offer made by a Saudi cleric who earlier this week said he would give USD 100,000 to anyone who would kidnap an Israeli soldier.


My comment:

The Islamic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been an epic center for Islamic terrorism for many decades.

The 12 men who attacked New York City and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, were all Saudi nationals, minus one.

That the US has spent almost 2 trillion USD to destroy Iraq and Afghanistan, is a tragedy. While both Iran and Saudi Arabia is speared by Washington.

To see the US attacking Saudi Arabia is almost not thinkable. The Saudis controls almost 25 per cent of the Oil the US needs every day.

If the Islamic terrorist sponsors in Rihyad goes down, so does America. So why care for a couple of Israeli soldiers, who has a million dollar bounty written on their head?

Written by Ivar

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