Another US bid to squeeze Zionism in Israel

US: Freeze settlement construction to help hinder PA bid in the United Nations.

Dan Shapiro have do do what Hilary Clinton and the State Departmnent wants him to do.

US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro tells Interior Minister Eli Yishai about Washington’s great efforts in UN against Palestinian statehood bid; stresses Israel must stop construction plans to help cause‬‬

The United States Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro met Thursday with Interior Minister Eli Yishai, and informed him that the US has been making efforts to battle the Palestinian statehood bid submitted to the United Nations.

Shapiro stressed that if Israel chooses to suspend construction in the West Bank settlements, Washington would then have an easier time in its attempts to hinder the Palestinian process.


My comment:

To demand another freeze of Jewish construction on the mountains of Zion, amounts to ethnic cleansing of Jews.

When Benjamin Netanyahu offered a 10 months halt in Jewish contraction, the so called “Palestinians” did not respond.

Netanyahu offered a halt, in a bid to bring the Arabs back to the table of negotiations. There was no response from the PLO, and the Prime Minister of Israel had the following comment:

 ” To try to talk with Abu Mazen, is like trying to talk to a man who sits hight up in a three. When you try to brig him down by offering him a leader, he just keep on climbing higher”.

The new US Ambassador ‪‪Dan Shapiro‬‬ is just another “Papenheimer”. Another politically correct man of Jewish origin on the payroll of Washington.

Written by Ivar

One thought on “Another US bid to squeeze Zionism in Israel

  1. If he likes his job he will do what they want him to do. But nobody is holding a gun to his head to do what they say. He has to bow to no one
    . He is a politician and politicians like the positions they are in. thats why they will be puppets

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