Arab Spring leads to Islamic dictatorship in Tunis

The Islamist Ennahda Party supported the Islamic occupation of the America Embassy in Tehran in 1979.

V for victory: Rached Ghannouchi, head of the moderate Islamist Ennahda party, came home from 22 years of exile in the UK.

Tunisia’s main Islamist party is on its way to power after the first truly free and fair elections in the country’s history.

Early results from individual voting stations carried by local radio stations this morning put the Islamist Ennahda Party in the lead in many constituencies.

Tunisians voted yesterday to elect a constituent assembly in the first elections emerging from the so-called Arab Spring uprisings around the Middle East.

Source: The Daily Mail

My comment:

Lets read about what the winners of the election in Tunisia thinks about Iran:

 The Renaissance Party or Nahda (Arabic: النهضة Hizb al-Nahda, also Hizb Ennahda, Ennahdha; French: Parti de la Renaissance) is a moderate Islamist[1][2][3] opposition political party in Tunisia.

 Originally known as Islamic Action, the party changed its name to Movement of the Islamic Tendency, and then in 1989 Hizb al-Nahda.[6] The party has been described as one of many parties/movements in Muslim states “that grew up alongside the Iranian revolution”.[7] The group supported the 1979 takeover of the U.S. embassy in Tehran.

(end of wikipedia)

To take this to its logic conclusion:

The West will now have to rebrand President Ahmadinejad as a “moderat Islamist”, and the Islamic Republic of Iran as a “moderate Muslim nation”.

The only Islamic force left to be branded as “radial” is al-Qaeda. Because organizations like the Hamas and HizbAllah do share the same values and worldview as the election winers in Tunis.

The truth is that the Arab Spring is a second Iranian inspired revolution in the Muslim World. This revolution started in 1979 with the Islamic occupation of the American Embassy in Tehran, and the return of Ayatholah Khomeiny from exile in Paris.

Lies is now presented as the truth. Tunisia walks the Islamic way, and the enforcement of Sharia Laws will be the fruits of the new Islamic constitution.

Written by Ivar

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