Editor Lars Helle in “Dagbladet” published a drawing comparing Israel’s treatment of Gaza with the Nazi concentration camps.

Lars Helle is like many editors in Germany in the 1930-ties. They published Nazi-propaganda.

On the day 1027 “Palestinian prisoners” were released from prisons in Israel, the Norwegian tabloid “Dagbladet” released a drawing using Nazi-propaganda to taint and demonize Israel.

Over the entrance of the Nazi Conzentration camp “Buchenwald”, it was written: «Jedem das seine».
In plain English the Jews were told” “Everyone will get as they deserve”.

In the drawing in Dagbladet, the same message was written over what was presented as the enterance to Gaza.

Source: Vårt Land

My comment:

The Norwegian daily “Dagbladet” has a long history of being a newspaper for liberals and the academic class of Norway.

Under the present leadership, it has turned out to be more like a distrubuten cannel for pornographic pictures,  filthy language and marketing of all kind of perversion and spiritual New age mediums.

Dagbladet compare Israel with the Nazi consentration camps, in regards to their handling of Gaza.
Dagbladet appear to be the new distributor of neo-Nazi propaganda in Norway.

The latest Jew-hate and nazi-propaganda is a logic fruits of al the wickedness found in this paper. The present editor Lars Helle have crossed the borders of headless reporting.

Shame on Norwegians who by this paper on a daily basis.

The paper do a grand job to fulfill the Biblical prophecies of unlimited Godlessness in the last days

Written by Ivar