NATO war planes kills fallen Arab dictator

Fallen dictator Muammar Gaddafi was killed as a result of an attack by NATO-war planes.  

This pictures claims to be of the dead fallen dictator of Libya.

Ex-Libyan leader was fleeing his hometown when NATO warplanes reportedly attacked his convoy. He was wounded in the strike, captured by NTC forces, died of his wounds, announces NTC official Abdel Majid.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

Its a great irony that an attack by a NATO war plane was “needed” to kill Muammar Gaddafi.

The same Western leaders who stated that their “Libyan war” would not provoke a regime change, did exactly the opposite of what they said.

In my dictionary, the suitable word for this is “lying”. 

That NATO was used to fulfill the wishes of Islamic Jihad, should normally have resulted in the alarm bells going off in the free World. Now the generals in NATO and Islamic extremists shout together. “allah is great”.

A brutal dictator is gone, a man who got red carpets in London, Paris and Rome for many decades.

Bastardization of the Middle East in form of Sharia laws will follow. One evil will be replaced with another.  I have a strong feeling that the final march towards Israel is about to begin. The Islamic demand of “end to Zionism” will get massive support in the post-Christian secular West.

Written by Ivar

5 thoughts on “NATO war planes kills fallen Arab dictator

  1. Amazing how these leaders are found in the holes dead or alive. First it was Saddam Hussein Prez.of Iraq, now it’s Gaddafi … who’s next I wonder???

  2. Hi Ivar,
    It is shocking to see just how blind Americans are. Obama is setting up American Jewery for the slaughter. European jews are being set up as well. You rightly called it a march towards Israel, and I believe that you are correct. However, I also believe that right here in the USA we have a jackel in the White House that is doing his best to collapse our economy. I believe that he has surrounded himself with jewish advisors, like Axelrod,and Bernanky, and others, to be used as scape goats. He will claim that he is just a black man trying to make his way, you know, just a community organizer who trusted in the advice of those wicked jews. He’ll claim that he was lied to, and used by those greedy jews. The liberal press will promote the lie. Suddenly, every jew hater in America will unleasah their hatered, and others will just turn their faces away in silence. It’s sad, but I can feel another holocaust approaching, just beyond the horrizon. After us jews, it will be the christians.

    1. Dear Denise.


      in regards to Gadaffi, Obama is the least of the hypocrites among the Global elite. Obama is the first President who have taken the Libyan dictator seriously, and brought Him to silence. Former US Presidents have had their ups and downs with this man. Ronald Reagan bombed Gadaffi;s compound, but let the mad man off the hock.

      Tomorrow, I will published my private Photo biography on Gadaffi and his close friends.

      Obama’s attack on Libya is a huge military exercise, where NATO for the first time work closely together with Islamic Jihad. Obama has the final battle with Israel on his mind. Israel is a nuclear power, and a totally different bold game. The Jews have told Obama and His men in Washington D.C, that they will take quite a few Muslims with them down in the Abyss, if Israel face another Holocaust.

      1. Hi Ivar,
        I trust nothing that Obama does. I think that Obama is a Shiite muslim, and as such, is willing to kill other muslims that are Sunnis. According to Islamic end-times theology, the world must be awashed in blood and chaos, in order for the Madhi to return. I am convinced that Obama is an apocalyptic figure, in that, he plays a role in the events that will bring the antichrist onto the world stage. He is weakening america in order to bring in the one world government. He will do whatever is necessary to bring about these events.

  3. I pray for peace in Israel, knowing there is but one peace giver,
    the Lord Jesus Christ. He will bring peace with Him and every knee will bow. Come soon, Lord Jesus.

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