Scottish man sentenced to prison for anti-Catholic ‘hate crime’

A Scottish man has been sentenced to an 8-month prison term for sending out anti-Catholic messages over the internet.

The Pope and the Queen of England needs to be saved by Jesus. If not they will perish.

As part of a campaign to eliminate sectarian animosities from the internet, a judge sentenced Stephen Birrell to prison, explaining that he wanted to send “a clear message to deter others.”

Birrell had admitted posting messages that referred to Catholics as “scumbags” and said that he hoped the fans of a soccer team popular among Catholics would “all die.”

Source: Catholic Culture

My comment:

This is a good example of non-Christian remarks on Catholics, who crosses the borderline into what can be branded as criminal acts.

“Scumbag” is a word not found in the scriptures. And to wish people to “die” is a hate-crime.

Christians expose sin, and must use Biblical terminology to explain. We call people to repentance, and to submission to Jesus our Lord.

Not all anti-Catholicism is Christianity.  People who love Jesus, wants sinners to be saved by Him. Just like our selves.

 John 3:19

This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.

5 thoughts on “Scottish man sentenced to prison for anti-Catholic ‘hate crime’

  1. As part of a campaign to eliminate sectarian animosities from the internet, a judge sentenced Stephen Birrell to prison, explaining that he wanted to send “a clear message to deter others.”….Another prime example of who “who sends a clear message” ..yet on the Internet or off or anywhere, anytime, any place..People who hate Jews can pray for death loudly, shout obscenities on TV and Nations Leaders can shout Death to Israel..” But hey it’s a clear message Judges are sending to the ‘public’…while the Nations Leaders (are also sending a clear messages) ..are as The Bible says…whoring themselves with godless people.!

      1. Thank you…yes it is a good point, however, to go to the head of the beast, the rest of the body will follow suit in one way or another. Prayerfully, as Ivar stated many could be reached thru showing the most approved religious sect for what it really is. Since they reach the largest mass of people world wide, with the approval of the World Leaders. Over the years I’ve noticed that the Roman Catholic Church is so versed in making them all shine like they are the ‘real Christians’ yet I have yet to hear a Catholic say, When asked are you a Christian? They say, No I am Catholic.

      2. Dear Andrea


        To be anti-Catholic is the only way to love Roman Catholics. To accept their mode of worship and the falsification of the gospel, would be to mislead them. The whole way to Hell.

        We must love Catholics, but hate Catholicism. It is sin and perversion of the truth, from A to Z.

        Those who accept Catholicism as a part of Christianity, mislead the whole World. That is even worse. Millions of people who believe they are “saved”, will get a very unpleasant message from Jesus. “You evil doers”.

  2. Note ** Make no mistake I do not condone the actions of the one who spoke so openly about the cultish Catholic religion, but I do understand that even when those there is more to this story than meets the eye. People usually don’t blurt out such venom unless it’s a small child or ones abused in some form or fashion….but ever since the ‘term – Hate-Crime” hit the popular term for anyone who don’t want to repent from their ungodly actions and beliefs, and turn to Jesus, they have found it a lot easier to just have their Countries Leaders, Courts to pass laws for them to do as they please and all others are considered ‘hate-speach’ if it’s against what the lawless want to do..But Praise The Lord Jesus he has the last and final word! As he said, Lot was vexed living in Sodom and Gomorrah as it is today another subject that anyone who is against ‘it’s called hate-crimes’…

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