World inches closer to recognizing divided Islamic “Palestine”

Israel is faced with many European nations seriously considering upgrading the status of the Palestinian Authority delegations to that of official diplomatic missions and even Embassies.

Hamas and al-Fatha still persecute and kill each others members. The UK do consider these separated terrorists worthy of a "statehood".

The UK will by this move,, putting the PA in Ramallah on par with the delegations of sovereign states. The news, which was first reported by Israel’s Ynet news portal, was especially surprising considering that Britain’s current conservative government is viewed as generally pro-Israel.

Britain is not the first European country to recognize Palestinian delegations as diplomatic missions. France, Spain and Portugal have all already done so.

Israel fears that the next step for the Europeans is to officially recognize “Palestine” as an independent state outside the framework of an Israeli-Palestinian final status peace agreement. Most of South America has already gone so far as to officially recognize “Palestine.”

The Palestinian Authority is playing off this worrying trend and is threatening seek official UN recognition for a unilateral declaration of independence if Israel does not meet all its demands.

If European Union powerhouses like Britain and France recognize a Palestinian state, the Palestinians are likely to have all the backing they need in the UN, forcing the hands of both Israel and the US, which is currently still opposed to the unilateral establishment of a Palestinian state.

The situation has reached this point because the Palestinians have managed to successfully reverse reality and paint Israel as a non-compliant peace partner. With the international community so anxious to conclude a final status peace deal (even if it doesn’t lead to genuine peace), it is ready to give the Palestinians what they want, with or without Israel.

Source: Israeli Magazine, Israel Today

My comment:

Why do Hamas and al-Fatha cripple and kill each other members?

Why has the “president” of the claimed to be “Palestinian statehood” no chance of visiting Gaza?

The United Kingdom is about to recognizing a neo-Nazi Islamic terrorist state. This statehood is an Islamic fiction, based on the idea that the Koran tells the truth about the ownership to this land.

But not even the followers of Muhammad are able to live in peace with each other.

How can a sane person, even think that such a bunch of hooligans can be supported and presented as a trustworthy peace partner?

The truth is that the British people have become evil them self. They reject God of the Bible, and are ruled by the spirit of death. Their foolishness will being them down the road to the final battle of Armageddon. By rejecting the truth, God will hand them over to Satan. Eventually they will end up in the same place as the Devil.

First published: 29.12.2010.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “World inches closer to recognizing divided Islamic “Palestine”

  1. I live in the UK Ivar and I have to say I have noticed very decpetive spirit that has been wrecking this country for many years now. The spirit of Islam/ Catholicism and Communism is rampamt is the UK.
    I have always been very ‘fragile’ and notice when things get darker, but latley this country has become very difficult to live in. I wish and pray so much I could find a place to go, but I suppose we are all aliens in this world.
    Curse you UK!, for you fall in the aisles and follow the Dragon.
    God Bless Israel!! Yisrael Nissi!!!

    God Bless Ivar 🙂

  2. all this stuff we see going on in the world where
    they want to divide up Israel and its capital has
    been writing in the Bible it well all come to pass
    read Zech 12.

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