The Pope want UN to become one family

One family,’ inspired by mutual solidarity and by a concern for the common good of all humanity,”

A bunch of Islamic Gangsters are the largest lobby witin in the United Nations.

This is the answer to his own question, asked by Jesuit priest Federico Lombardi, the Vatican main spokesman.

Lombardi asked this question in the most recent edition of his Vatican Television editorial.

What are the Vatican’s representative doing in a world body such as the U.N. General Assembly, “often a theatre of fierce political debate?”

The family “is a community based on interdependence, on trust and mutual aid, in sincere respect,” Archbishop Mamberti concluded.
And Father Lombardi affirmed, “It is in the interest of every human person to remember this, so that it might become a living reality in the world. It is for this reason above all that the Holy See is in New York.”

Source: Zenit

My Comment:

What do and did Saddam Hussein, Colonel Gaddafi and the Pope have in common?

They all believe in the UN family.

The Libyan dictator held the chairmanship of the UN Human Right commission, just before He “fell from grace”.

Today it is Hizb”Allah who holds the chairmanship in the Security Council of the UN. That is to the hope and pleasure of the “Holy See”.

Finally the UN can be used as an arena where Islam and the Roman Catholic Faith can merge, into a Universal Global brotherhood.

Jesus the Messiah would have called the UN an assembly of the wicked. The “Holy see” included.

Written by Ivar


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