Hamas claim victory in release of 1.000 criminals

Israel has accepted all the demands of the captors, claims the leadership in Hamas.

Gaza is ruled by criminals who rejoice when brutal killers are relasesed from prisons.

Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal on Tuesday night called the deal to exchange Gilad Schalit for over 1,000 Palestinian prisoners a “great achievement.” “We are happy with this great achievement and we thank our God for that. But our happiness is mixed with sorrow because we were not able to gain the freedom of all prisoners,” Meshaal said from Damascus, speaking in a televised speech.

Hamas presented the prisoner exchange agreement as a “historic victory,” saying Israel has accepted all the demands of the captors.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

Hamas and Israel do both claim victory in regards to the release of Gilad Shalit.

When citizens kidnap other people, they are normally arrested and kept behind bars.

Not Hamas.

The criminals who kidnapped Shalit are not branded as suitable peace partners for Israel. They are also awarded the release of 1.000 other criminals, who are ready to copy the kidnapping at any given moment.

The valid question would be:

When the next IDF soldier are kidnapped, will another 1.000 Islamic terrorists be released in an exchange offer?

Is there any valid upper limit of how many Islamic terrorists Israel wants to release?

Yesterday, I wrote that the life of one Jew is worth the release of 1.000 Islamic terrorists. Not because I rejoice over the slaughter of Jews they will commit in the future, but because the lack on humanity we can find in people who cripple and kill for “allah”.

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “Hamas claim victory in release of 1.000 criminals

  1. Israel made a tremendous mistake when it made this exchange. You will NEVER win when you give into these types of demands. Every time Islam wants to get it’s murders back, it will go out and kidnap a citizen of Israel. The answer is to pray to the Eternal Father and ask for His help. But, because man (Israel’s secular leaders) are not spiritual, they should do what wise men do….make sure that the punishment for this kidnapping is much more severe than any potential benefit to the evil world of Islam.

  2. I think a large percentage of these newly released terrorists will end up brown bread with the forthcoming psalm 83 war on the doorstep, they’d have been safer in an Israeli prison.

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