Hamas will be significantly boosted by the Shalit deal.

The release of Gilad Shalit will not lead to peace in the Middle East, nor a two-state solution.

Hamas has been able to force Jerusalem to negotiate with it as an equal partner, and has achieved the release of a large number of terrorists – some of whom were sentenced to life terms for personally murdering Israeli civilians.

This is bad news for the Fatah government in Ramallah. Fatah’s grip on power in the West Bank is likely more shaky than meets the eye. The Shalit deal will be used by Hamas to claim that it is the most effective representative of the Palestinians.

Images of freed Palestinian prisoners will likely convince many Palestinians that Hamas is right.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

The PLO bid for membership in the UN, might have lead Israel to give the Hamas some fuel.

While the Pope, UN, US and the PLO agrees on a two-state-solution, both Israel and Hamas is against it.

Absolutely not sharing the same reasons for being against the two-state-solution, but both acknowledging that such a solution is a paper-tiger.

Israel knows that the day the Hamas regime falls in Gaza, time is up for Israel. So the old saying stands firm:

My enemy’s enemy is my best friend.

Limited Islamic terrorism seems to be a better option than a “peace” that will kill the Jewish state.

Written by Ivar