The Islamic beast rises and haunts Copts in Egypt

22 killed in Egypt as Christians clash with troops.

The Copts in Egypt face Sharia laws and submission to "allah".

A Cairo rally by Coptic Christians to protest the burning of a church turns violent, underscoring the growing sectarian divisions in Egypt since the fall of Hosni Mubarak.

By late Sunday night, though, most Copts had disappeared from the TV building and Tahrir Square, where about 150 Muslim men chanted: “With our souls and blood we protect Islam.”

Source: Los Angeles Times (LOS).

My Comment:

I heard on radio today, that Egyptian media called on Muslims to go into the street and protect the military against the Copts.

Than the circle of the “Arab Spring” have come around.

The same military that ousted Mubarak, is now attacking the Copts, and protecting the Muslim Brotherhood.

This is the fruit of Fascism. Thus kind of Fascism has received two billion USD from Washington, to prepare for “elections” in Egypt. Like Hitler was voted to power by 36 per cent of the Germans behind his ideology, the Islamic candidates in Egypt will be voted into power in Cairo.

The Islamic Republic of Egypt will become a second Iran. The Copts will have to obey Sharia laws, or be punished for their disobedience to “allah” and his messengers.

Written by Ivar


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