UK top politician: “Israel is the root of Islamic terrorism”

Israel’s treatment of Palestinians is the root cause of terrorism worldwide.

Jenny Tonge wants to cut the Jewish state into two, so the World can get peace from Islamic terrorism worldwide.

This is a comment by British Liberal Democrat politician Jenny Tonge. Last Friday she declared that Israel’s treatment of Palestinians is the root cause of terrorism worldwide.

Anti-Semitism is on the rise again in mainstream British circles, according to a report by the Community Security Trust.

Israel is seen as a uniquely racist or imperialist enterprise in a growing segment of UK society, which leads to isolating and demonizing all those who support the Jewish state.

Specifically, comparisons of Israel to Nazi Germany became more popular during and in the aftermath of Operation Cast Lead.

Last week, Liberal Democrat peer Lord Phillips told a meeting of the radical fringe group Palestine Solidarity Campaign in parliament that “Europe cannot think straight about Israel because of the Holocaust, and America is in the grip of the well-organized Jewish lobby.”

The party leadership has distanced itself from these comments, as party chairman Nick Clegg responded that Israel’s right to thrive in peace and security is non-negotiable for most Lib Democrats.


My comment:

That Israel’s treatment of the “Palestinians” are the root of Islamic terrorism, is a blunt lie. This is a falsification of our modern time history.

The so-called “Palestinians” did not even demand their own state, when the ‘West bank” was occupied by Jordan. Neither was there any Hamas, when Egypt controlled Gaza from 1948 to 1967.

Please tell me” Was there Islamic terrorism before 1967?

The answer:

Yes. Because Islam wanted to destroy the Jewish state already in 1948. From the day the Jewish state was born, Jews were crippled and killed only because they were Jewish.

So if the United Kingdom wants to get rid of Islamic terrorism, London need to join the Islamic terrorist in their bid to get rid of the state of Israel.

In fact: That is exactly what London is doing, by their support for another Islamic occupation of the Biblical heartland of Israel.

First published: 18.10.2010.

Written by Ivar

4 thoughts on “UK top politician: “Israel is the root of Islamic terrorism”

  1. It looks like the Brittish Liberals are going to have a rude awakening if they try to cut Israel in half! It is going to be very interesting to see how God Almighty, God of Abraman, Isaac and Jacob, the God of the Bible, will repond to the world outcry against His people, the Jews.

    Donald Hauser

  2. Like politicians on many issues, they need to do their homework. The Palestinians are Jordan. These politicians turn a blind eye to the violence of Palestine. They lived as bedouins scattered in the area for years, but the land still always belonged to Israel. The Palestinians living in Israel are happy there and want to keep these militant factions out. Wake up, politicians. The new Nazi regime is at our door, but we play on inside.

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