Swedish priest: “Blow up empty Churches”

Swedish priest H.B Hammar suggest that the state should close or blow up empty churches.

H.B Hammar suggest the Church of Sweden should blow up emphty Churches.

H.B Hammer is the brother of Archbishop of K.G Hammer.

Close down empty Churches, or put them is a bag of insects. But the best idea is to blow them up, explains Hammar in a OPED in the Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet.

The Newspaper have used a poll to get feedback from the Swedish readers. 20 per cent of the responders wants empty churches to be converted to houses. 17 per cent feel that abandoned Churches should become night clubs, and eight percent suggest restaurants..

Source: Norwegian daily Vårt Land

My comment:

There are many reasons why blowing up Churches is not such a bad idea. If not, the Church of Sweden might convert them into Mosques.

For a Christian, it hardly matters. The Bible says that God do no longer live in buildings made by human hands. So the Church can never be a “building” in the first place.

1 Corinthians 3:9
For we are co-workers in God’s service; you are God’s field, God’s building.

Religious people have understood that the Church is the body of Jesus, and made of living stones. That is us, who obey Him.

Written by Ivar


3 thoughts on “Swedish priest: “Blow up empty Churches”

  1. Strange to see a Church and not think of the way it was when I was small…but today is not like it was then…What a change this world has made even in the minds and hearts of people my own age..One would wonder if they were ever raised here or their hearts could not have so bitterly hardened to The Lord Jesus Christ…wow!

    1. When we pray or worship in a corporate manner, a common place for gathering is needed which we term as a church. but the BODY of Christ should meet, at this moment the fruit of the Holy Spirit,, PATIENCE is needed. People have to hit rock-bottom & they will only then people will realize the importance of a common meeting place called the CHURCH.

      1. Ronnie, I appreciate what you are saying. However that is not what I was talking about. Once I was in a strange town, Phoenix, Az. New to the town, I was trying to catch a bus however I could locate exactly where …in a crowd a couple blocks down, I saw what is ever present with me in my heart The Word of God, being held high (smile) ..The blessed leading of The Holy Spirit knew when I saw The Bible held high at hands of a Street Preacher..I’d change my plans and head straight for The Word (smile)…as I did..just before I crossed the Street, the Buses were lined up at that point. My bus had arrived yet. So I slipped across the street and told the Preacher what The Holy Spirit had just done for a stranger lost in a new city just by him holding up The Word of God waving it …we spent some time rejoicing and sharing about Jesus. I said all of this because of the picture of the Church in this particular discussion. It too use to be and still is in my heart…a place where believers gathered together and sang, prayed, cried, mourned, rejoiced, celebrated and shared The Love of God with each other, whether in food for the body, or food for the spirit. So yes I deeply grieve for that Sweet time, that Pharaoh has turned into a blasphemous wake..it’s almost an Ichabod …and is in many places. So thank you for allowing me to share this tender moment that Jesus was always the Center and the reason so many knew what the Altar was for, which is rarely used in any Church of today!

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