Syria does a “Saddam” in fresh threat to Israel

Bashar al Assad says he will attack Tel Aviv if NATO attacks Damascus.

How can NATO ever attack Syria as long as Turkey is one of its core members? ,,

During the first gulf war, Iraqi President Saddam Hussein warned the US, that Iraq would retaliate against Israel is attacked.

Now, Syrian President Bashar al Assad gives a similar threat.

In a meeting with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, Assad said: “If a crazy measure is taken against Damascus, I will need not more than six hours to transfer hundreds of rockets and missiles to the Golan Heights to fire them at Tel Aviv.”


It will be wise by Damascus to listen to the prophetic word in the Bible.

The Word of God explains that the city of Damascus will be reduced to rubble.

Since that has not happened before, It is an event that lies in front of us.

 Isaiah 17:1
[ A Prophecy Against Damascus ] A prophecy against Damascus: “See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins.

If Syria attacks Israel, it should not come as a surprise to anyone, that Israel will use lethal force to stop the attack.  If Syria use weapons of mass destruction against Israel, the nation of Syria might simply cease to exist.

Written by Ivar


13 thoughts on “Syria does a “Saddam” in fresh threat to Israel

  1. This is what the Russian foreign ministry said
    Syrian president threatening Israel is media provocation: Russia
    MOSCOW: Russia blamed media for provoking a recent threat to attack Israel reportedly voiced by Syrian President Bashar al Assad, RIA Novosti reported.

    The Russian foreign ministry described it “a part of a media war against Syria”.

    Iran’s semi-official Fars news agency Tuesday quoted Al Assad as saying that

    Damascus would need “not more than six hours to transfer hundreds of rockets and missiles to the Golan Heights to fire them at Tel Aviv”.

    He was speaking at a meeting with Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu.

    Fars also reported the Syrian leader as threatening that “Iran will attack US warships in the Persian Gulf and American and European interests will be targeted simultaneously”.

    Russian Foreign Ministry slammed the reports, saying that these quotes were definitely made by “the forces interested in tarring Syria and its government’s image…in order to justify intervention in Syria”.

    Earlier Wednesday, Syrian ambassador to Moscow Riyad Haddad said that the Arab and international media were grossly distorting the situation in Syria and published “various insinuations, including the statements attributed to Syrian authorities that they had never made.”

    The Syrian opposition and Western countries condemned Russia and China on Wednesday for vetoing a UN Security Council draft resolution urging the Syrian regime to immediately stop violence against protesters or face “targeted measures.”

    Moscow maintains it would strongly oppose any attempts to overthrow “undesirable regimes” under the guise of a UN mandate.

  2. GOd, in His mercy has given all of His children His plan book, the Holy Bible. Prophecy, is wisdom combined with directions, given from GOd. There is no other source that can tell you the future. I suppose to some, GOd may seem harsh, an example might be Damascus. When I consider Damascus, I think of Sodom and Gomorrah. Each, end in total destruction, but for different reasons. Two are historical examples to learn from, and one is yet to be fulfilled. All, afford people the ability to prepare for the devistation in advance.
    World leaders, much like the ancient kings, refuse to examine the scriptures, or to heed the warnings contained within them. No news stations are carrying this information, they all just scoff at it, or ignore it, all together.
    When the destruction of Damascus occurs, does anyone believe that the news stations will lead with; ISAIAH 17:1 FULFILLED? Probably not. So today, I am thankful to GOd for websites such as this one, and others, that will sound the warning cry, to anyone who is searching or who is ready to listen. Even so, allow me to direct everyone back to the true source; The infalable word of GOd; the Holy Bible.

    1. Hi Kim,
      Someone should direct Bashar-al-Assad to the book of Ruth, and Hi-Lite Haman’s end for him. After Ruth, tell Al-Assad to read Isaiah 17:1. In an act of compassion,also read him the book of John.

      1. Hi Denise,
        My mistake also, I called you Ruth
        and It is the book of Esther that is not among the dead sea scrolls.
        Sorry I totally messed up on that previous reply

      2. Hi Todd,
        Things on the prophecy front are really heating up. I just wish that the harvest of souls would increase at an equal pace. You would think that as the world becomes a more wicked and frightening place, that people would be more open to the gospel message. Maybe, it is just my own experiences,but it seem to me, that people are becoming more hostle to any discussions relateing to GOd.

      3. Denise, Indeed indeed, I see this not only with the desire for the harvest of souls, yet also with our brethren,,it seems the lake of care of what is and has been going on is ‘no big deal’…It scares me deep in my spirit at times I feel my own bowels groaning so fervently I cry out Oh God these are people who have been the crutch of many a church …yet ‘if Fox News says it’s okay then it’s ok if not …Oh well…the other day I was actually told Hank Williams Jr could not be a Christian unless you heard him confess himself…to my reply that The Holy Spirit knows whose is His…yet the Prophecy News if it also is not accepted of ‘their own set’ it too is of no validity. What is going on with the Church body are they all or just more openly getting so luke-warm. I’m warned when I go out with some family and friends…Now Andrea don’t imbarrase us with your Gospel Jesus talk… Sometimes Jesus just wants us to enjoy life not do this all the time every day of the week..!!!

  3. Oh for Heaven’s sake…sometimes ya just want these boys (brats) to pick up their toys and go home, since they are not going to play nice! Get out of the yard!!! (smile)

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