PA Ambassador to Brazil: “Israel should disappear”

Alzeben Ibrahim told a group of university students that “Israel should disappear.”

Ibrahim Al-Zeben and former President of Brazil Lula da Silva both support a Nazi state that will cripple Israel.

This remarks fell on Friday.

Imagine the scandal if an Israeli diplomat said: “The Palestinian Authority should disappear.”  “And this is not the ambassador of Iran or President Ahmadinejad who is speaking.”

Thus it was evident that he did not mean Israel must disappear from the West Bank, but wiped off the map as Ahmadinejad preached.

Hamas also believes that Israel must disappear. The writer is a widely-read columnist for the largest magazine in Brazil.

Source: Brazilian Magazine ‘Veja”

My comment:

The Nazis wanted the Jewish people to disappear.

Islam refuse to recognize that there is a Jewish people, and do absolutely not accept a Jewish state.

The ideology of the Nazi party and Islam have the same source. Jew-hate have always been irrational, and have Satan as the source.

 Romans 11:23
And if they do not persist in unbelief, they will be grafted in, for God is able to graft them in again.

The Bible says salvation is from the Jews. Jesus was a Jew. All true believers have been grafted into the wine by the Messiah. And the Jews who have disconnected them selves, God is able to graft them back in. Amen.

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “PA Ambassador to Brazil: “Israel should disappear”

  1. Look what the UN says and does! The Arab and Communist countries were able to get a UN resolution passed that says Zionism is the most racist thing there is in the world. Now every once in a while we have to sit thru Durban Conferences at the UN where Israel is berated because of this UN resolution. The UN does nothing about it at all. This year over 30 countries got up and walked out. The prime minister of Israel is correct the UN is the theater of the absurb!

    Countries like Iran and the PLO can say thing like wiping Isreal off the map and no one in the UN does anything! Ridiculous!

    Have you see the tourist maps from the PLO that call the Palstina the Holy Land and wipes Israel off the map! The name Isreal isn’t even on the map anywhere. The PLO have other Arab names for the cities on the map, they appear under the name that exisits now. The US knows about these maps and have asked the PLO to stop printing them. The PLO promise to do that and then just go on printing them for the school chiildren to learn from at their schools. It’s just ridiculous!

  2. Truly The Lord described these also…Children of Disobedience…(more of Satan’s Brats)…it is the hope of all who know the Terror of The Lord that we warn all who will listen..Repent and Believe that God raised Jesus from the dead…Jesus is the Only way to Salvation..there is no other way…these also need to get a dose of Reality ….

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