Obama reads about the fall of America

Barack Hussein Obama was caught reading “The Post American World”.

President Obama reads about the fall of America.

The US President must surely be allowed to read whatever He wants.

But for a Muslim, the fall of America is what “allah” wants. So the followers of Muhammed will have their way.

Written by Ivar


2 thoughts on “Obama reads about the fall of America

  1. Too bad for Obama, that he won’t be around when the post script is written, detailing his treasonous acts,and his own humiliating fall from power, straight into the pit of hell. There he will be able to spend eternity with his master; Allah.

  2. Well we are told we can not say who will or who will not go to Heaven, for that brings Christ down again, yet we can say as The Word says..if they don’t repent..that’s where they well go…it is amazing to me that this President is so blantantly obvious in his deeds against Christ and His Word..yet he and the congress that also agrees and/or approves ..just continue to add more and more blasphemies upon America!! …so sad! I never thought he was a good orator, but many believe he is…he and congress could have done so much good if they were not led by the World’s desires to heap more and more sins upon their heads..and make it a Law..sad..yet horrible!!!

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