No place for Jews in “liberated” Libya

David Gerbi, 56, returns from exile as Gaddafi’s regime falls, facing death threats over his attempts to restore Tripoli’s abandoned main synagogue‬‬.

With a knife in his hand, this liberated Arab in Tripoli is ready to slaughter more Jews.

A Libyan Jew who returned from exile as Muammar Gaddafi’s regime fell said on Monday he is facing death threats over his attempts to restore Tripoli’s abandoned and crumbling main synagogue.

David Gerbi, a 56-year-old psychoanalyst who fled with his family to Italy at the age of 12, said he was facing discrimination and being ignored by Libya’s new authorities in his efforts to reopen the Dar Bishi synagogue and gain recognition for Jews who fled Libya during Gaddafi’s rule.


My comment:

The Jews were massacred in Libya wan they wanted to travel to Israel in 1948 and 1949.

During the 1950-ties, Libya became just another ‘Jew free zone”.

The Arab spring is not a movement of religious freedom in the Arab World, but rather the second Islamic revolution. There is no place for Jews in such an environment.

That Jews are not welcomed in “liberated” and “free” Libya, is yet another example of the massive deception we get through western media. Foolishnes unlimited.

Jesus warned the Jews that people would kill them, and believe they were doing something great for “god”.

 John 16:2
They will put you out of the synagogue; in fact, the time is coming when anyone who kills you will think they are offering a service to God.

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “No place for Jews in “liberated” Libya

  1. No surprise its occured and no surprise its not made the news, apparently its Israel thats the apartheid state ???? Not Libya.

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