Wall Street protests and a New York spring

In a tense showdown above the East River, the police arrested more than 700 demonstrators from the Occupy Wall Street protests.

The New Yorkers are tired of being looted by Investment Bankers and the Wall Street.

The police said it was the marchers’ choice that led to the enforcement action.

“Protesters who used the Brooklyn Bridge walkway were not arrested,” Paul J. Browne, the chief spokesman for the New York Police Department, said. “Those who took over the Brooklyn-bound roadway, and impeded vehicle traffic, were arrested.”

But many protesters said they believed the police had tricked them, allowing them onto the bridge, and even escorting them partway across, only to trap them in orange netting after hundreds had entered.

Source: Multiple media

My comment:

After Wall Street has looted the American people and transported trillions of USD to China, the Americans seems to be in need of a “New York spring”

After the US by passed 14 trillion USD in debates, the American dream has got a new meaning. The dream is now to avoid bankruptcy, as a consequence of Wall Street banks luring Americans to gamble in the share market, or take to much credit.

Jesus told us not to worry about tomorrow. That was before credit cards became available. He also told us to give Cesar what belongs to him. So the Americans should return their  currency notes to the Federal Reserve in time, before than US dollar becomes value less.

Written by Ivar


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