A French ban on praying in the street came into force some Friday’s ago.

Islam create nuisance by Muslim demanding to live by Sharia Laws.

The France ban is driving thousands of Muslim worshipers in northern Paris into a makeshift prayer site in a disused fire brigade barracks, angering a small but vocal minority.

The street-prayer ban has highlighted France’s problems assimilating its 5-million-strong Muslim community, which lacks prayer space, and follows a long-running controversy, fanned by far-right leader Marine Le Pen, over Muslims forced to lay their prayer mats on the streets in big cities.

Interior Minister Claude Gueant directed Muslims in Paris to temporary spaces made available pending the building of a huge new prayer space and warned that force would be used if necessary as police end their tolerance of street prayers.

Seven months before a presidential election, the ban has struck some in France as an attempt to rally far-right sympathizers to President Nicolas Sarkozy’s center-right camp.

At the barracks, Cheik Mohammed Salah Hamza oversaw prayers for Muslims who had migrated from around the city. Worshippers streamed in, spreading their woven prayer mats over the floor of the hangar-like building and out into the courtyard.

Source: Reuters

My comment:

France has realized that the politics of “Integration of Muslims” is a complete failure. You can not integrate someone who do not want to be integrated.

France has now both banned public Islamic prayers, and female submitting to Sharia Laws in public, persecuting females who were Hijabs.

Norway has basically not understood anything after immigration of almost 100.000 Muslims into the city of Oslo, populated by 600.000 people.

Muslims who wants to live by Sharia Laws must be deported back to the Islamic world. If its not possible to deport such people back to their nation of origin, Norway should pay them to return to Iran, Somalia or Saudi Arabia.

Norway must under no circumstances submit to naive supporters of “multiculturalism” in the name of Islam. That is a trap.  Thousand of honest nominal Muslims suffer because the Norwegian government, do not see what kind of evil Sharia laws represent.

France have finally understood. Is it to late to avoid a disaster?

Written by Ivar