Muslims in Norway must be permitted to solve their own conflicts using their own Islamic councils.

Tor Langbach suggets Sharia tribunals in Norway will be beneficial for Norway.

This is a suggestion from director Tor Langbach, who is the head of the central court administration in Norway. He is quoted by the Norwegian News Agency NTB.

– It would be beneficial if the political establishment could take a fresh look at this issue. To seek for Conflict solutions is not a dangerous for our society, explains Langbach.

The director suggest that the Government looks at solutions of how Sharia tribunals can be incorporated in the Norwegian court system.

“Sharia has got a negative meaning in the Norwegian debate”. complains Langbach.

Source: NTB and Aftenposten

My comment:

Tor Langbach is free to complain about the Norwegian legal system, his salary or the pensions deal He has received from the Government of Norway.

But if he is convinced that Sharia tribunals are the best way forward to achieve justice in Norway, the Ministry of Justice should promote this employee to become a judge of a Sharia Tribunal in Saudi Arabia.

Let him stay there for a couple of years, and enlighten him self.

In the Islamic Kingdom He can study Sharia Laws in a “positive atmosphere”, that He is not able to find in Norway.

The first rule of Sharia, is that its a criminal act to defame the Prophet Muhammad. If you say that this Arab man was a false prophet, your hands can be chopped off.

For Tor Langbach to be able to return to Norway, not headless, please tell him to avoid brining a Bible with him into Saudi Arabia. If he by mistake claims Jesus to be God, or support Israel, Langbach will most likely be promoted to retirement in Riyahd. By hanging.

Written by Ivar