List of 165 names was reportedly transferred to Turkish prosecutors.

Islamic pirate's sailing under Turkish flag, on their way to provoke the Israeli navy.

Turkey has included senior officers. The names have apparently been acquired through Facebook, and social networks.

A Turkish newspaper has published a list of 165 names of Israelis, who it alleges are IDF soldiers that participated in the 2010 Mavi Marmara raid that left nine Turkish nationals dead.

Turkish daily Sabah, wrote that that the names were acquired by analyzing social connections on Facebook and Twitter, as well as comparing photographs on those websites with ones taken on board the Marmara

The list of names was transferred to Turkish prosecutors, in addition to pictures of ten IDF soldiers the paper said Turkish intelligence agencies could not identify. Included on the list were not only those IDF soldiers who participated in the operation to stop the Gaza Flotilla, but also senior IDF officials.

Earlier this month, a lawyer for the Turkish based Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH) said he had submitted a list of the soldiers involved in the Mavi Marmara raid to Turkish prosecutors.

“We have presented a list of Israeli soldiers who gave the order for and who were involved in the attack on the Turkish flotilla to the Istanbul prosecutor’s office,” Ramazan Ariturk, lawyer for the group that organized the Gaza flotilla said.

“Currently we are waiting for the prosecutor’s office to issue an order for arrest,” he added.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

The Turkish approach to the Israeli sovereign sea borders, is that they are not valid.  Ankara wants 1948  to be revoked, and the Jewish state dismantled.

Because if the Turkish government had recognized and respected the borders of Israel, they would not have supported the Islamic pirates who challenged the legal naval blockade of Gaza.

Even a commission appointed by the United Nation has declared the naval blockage of Gaza for fully inline with International laws.

Turkey is promoting lawlessness, and support Islamic terrorism. That this nation is a member of NATO and a EU want-to-be, is a complete disgrace.

But in the post-Christian hedonist lawless society, I guess there is hardly anyone who cares.  Judgment will be stern on the hundred of millions of pagans, the day the Messiah set up His judgment throne in Jerusalem.

Written by Ivar