A Jew who is a Jew inwardly will return home to Zion

The state of Israel is under attack from Jews in the diaspora.

The calling of an obedient Jew, is to return home to Zion. Another fulfilment of the Word of God.

Isi Leibler is former Jewish leader in the Diaspora, who have made aliyah. In an featured OP Ed he raises serious questions with the “Jewishness” of Jews who attack the state of Israel.  Leibler speaks about “Jew haters” of Zion.

This is what Leibler writes:

Isi Leibler warns against Jews who reject Zionism as basis for their "Jewishness"
Isi Leibler warns against Jews who reject Zionism as basis for their "Jewishness"

” We have grown accustomed to the ravings of the Jew haters of Zion – the loony left who identify with Hamas and Hizbullah rather than their own people, the post-Zionists who seek to undo the Jewish character of Israel and the bleeding heart liberals who make excuses for the criminality of our neighbors and condemn us for defending ourselves”

“But what is more frustrating is an emerging new trend, involving even well-meaning friends of Israel, primarily liberals, who demand that as Jews and “partners” of Israel, they are entitled to partake in determining Israeli security and defense related policies”.

“The most notorious of these is “J Street” in the US which shamelessly lobbies its government to pressure Israel to adopt policies contrary to those determined by our democratically elected government.”

“Despite living thousands of miles away and not subject to the consequences of the policies they promote, they have the gall to insist that they are more sensitive to the security needs of the Jewish state than we Israelis. Being “genuinely pro-peace,” they purport to be acting in our best interests by exercising “tough love” and urging their president to bludgeon us to toe their line. Their hubris and arrogance is mind-boggling”.

Source: The Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

Romans 2:28-29

A man is not a Jew if he is only one outwardly, nor is circumcision merely outward and physical. No, a man is a Jew if he is one inwardly; and circumcision is circumcision of the heart, by the Spirit, not by the written code. Such a man’s praise is not from men, but from God

Who is a Jew inwardly?

I guess, that is a Jew who obeys God of the Bibles plans for the Jewish people?

Deuteronomy 30:3
then the LORD your God will restore your fortunes and have compassion on you and gather you again from all the nations where he scattered you.

Since God of the Bible, speaks about a restoration of the Jewish people in their ancient homeland, I guess those “Jews” who refuse to be restored, live in disobedience?

Not so strangely, many of them end up with the enemies of God of Israel.  They have deleted their own calling, rejected their only true Jewishness.

Written by Ivar

First published 13,07.2010.

18 thoughts on “A Jew who is a Jew inwardly will return home to Zion

  1. a jewish lady once told me that jews can be better described as being very social people. this unfortunately sometimes leads to their demise, if and when they choose to side with the enemy to ‘keep the peace’ so to speak (see solomon for example). it seldom works.[i must mention though, that some important people later known to the world throughout history have managed to balance both inward belief and outward compromise without too much known consequence (ie: michel de notredame -nostradamus in latin- who learned from his grandfather to conceal his jewish heritage and attend the church of the day to spare himself and family from the ongoing spanish inquisition)]. but this might be an exception to the norm.
    i honestly think that the orthodox jews are right in not wanting to join and follow the mainflow. they see all the pagan symbols that the average christians are blinded to from living in the midst of such a culture. the orthos are taking proper heading from the prophets of the first temple in not wanting to defile their culture. after returning to the holy land (post babylon), G-d said that He would never turn his face from them again. my understanding of this is that He would never NEED to again.
    i also believe that the jews live among their enemies for the simple reason that it is not time for them to go back. perhaps they need to acknowledge Yshua first – perhaps it is something else. shalom :O)

    1. Dear Michelle.

      Shalom, and thanks for this interesting information.

      You wrote:

      i honestly think that the orthodox Jews are right in not wanting to join and follow the mainflow.

      My comment:

      I have had the pleasure (I really feel so) to debate faith with some Orthodox Jews. You are right that God do protect them from accepting a false Messiah. The Jewish people have seen enough falsehood from people who claim to know Jesus of Nazareth.

      But the question of the Messiah, is not matter of who man has made him look like. Its a matter of who He is. The Bible says He is the King of the Jews.

      Not many claimed to be Christians acknowledge Him to be so, and very few of the fake’s live a life to honor the King of the Jews.

      One Orthodox Jew accused me of blasphemy, for promoting God in the form of a man. He said, God can never become a man.

      I just asked Him one question: Can you stop Him?

      If God wants to come down from Heaven, and take form of a man, that is His choice. The Creator of the Universe surely has the power to do so. He also has the power to take This King of the Jews back into His throne in Heaven.

      This is what the Prophetic Word of the Hebrew Bible explains would happen. Just read Isaiah 53, and 9:6. To us a Son has been given. He will be called Mighty God. He will suffer, and He will rise again.

      1. Hi Ivar
        Blessings to you today.
        ” A man is not a Jew if he is outwardly, nor is circumcision merely outward and physical. No a man is a a Jew if he is one inwardly:
        and circumcision is circumcision of the heart, by the spirit, not by the written code. Such a man’s praise is not from men but from God.

        Who is a Jew inwardly?

        My answer to that is this. When a man, Jew, or Gentile confesses that Jesus Christ is Lord and believes in his heart that God has raised him from the dead, He recieves circumcision of the heart. The law of God is written on his heart and he is sealed with the Holy spirit as a deposit garenteeing him of his inheritance. In order for any man to have circumcision of the heart he must believe by and with faith like Abraham in the promised seed who has already come, The teachings of Christ nowhere speak of Jews returning to Zion. Too think otherwise I believe is wrong.

      2. Dear Todd.


        You wrote:

        The teachings of Christ nowhere speak of Jews returning to Zion. Too think otherwise I believe is wrong.

        My comment:

        This is a complete misreading of the scriptures. Jesus is the author of the Old Testament. He is God the great I Am. Father, Son and Holy Spirit is One God.

        With your understanding of the Bible, we can delete the Old Testament. And all that Jesus never spoke, written down in the New Testament. Also the 10 commandments.

      3. Ivar
        Thankyou for replying back.
        I don’t know any other way to that particular scripture.
        A man would be anyone would it not?. Inwardly refers to a circumcision on the inside, the heart, not the physical pumping heart
        but that intermost conciense that makes us think and believe what we believe. This circumcision is something that is done by God
        and is done for anyone who places their trust in Jesus who paid for their sin. God does this circumcision at that moment. He also seals them with the holy spirit, Eph. ch. 1. The law of God is written in their heart and he then dwells in them. God becomes their God and they become his people. This is for anyone. Those that call themselves Jews and those that are gentiles. That makes any one a true Israelite in evaery sense of the word. The prohets said this would happen. This is what Jesus wanted for his people. This is why Jesus is King of the Jews. Any man who has received circumcision of the heart done by God is a Jew. This is what was written about in the old testament, was it not?

      4. Dear Todd.


        Jews are elected by God of the Bible as His people, not on the merits of their faith in the Messiah. This election is not conditional, and their replacement is impossible. Because than God is a liar. His everlasting promises can not be trusted.

        Please read Deut 6 to 9 all over again.

      5. Dear Todd


        Romans 2:29
        No, a person is a Jew who is one inwardly; and circumcision is circumcision of the heart, by the Spirit, not by the written code. Such a person’s praise is not from other people, but from God.

        What makes a man a Jew?

        is it God’s election and sovereign choice, or is it something done by man?

        This is the topic of Paul in his letter to the Romans. He talks about a conviction that is given by God the Spirit, and not by man.

      6. Ivar
        It is late as I see the time you are replying. I hope I am not keeping you awake.
        It is God’s election and sovreign election Ivar who he chooses. God draws those in who he chooses and gives them the faith to believe in him and his son. Thats the way it has always been.
        We must not forget that the promises that were spoken to Abraham and his seed , who is Christ and all who are in Christ.
        To these God’s promises are everlasting and have no conditions.
        Jacob/Israel descendents were given promises with conditions.
        Blessings and curses. But those who are of Abrahams seed who is Christ have everlasting promises. Christ’s Kingdom has no end as the old testament prophets wrote and spoke. As I have said beforre on your blog, their are two Israels in scripture. the physical earthly nation of israel and the Israel of God that Paul speaks of in the New testament. As you know he says that not all of Israel is Israel which means that not all of Physical earthly Israel is The Israel of God. The Israel of God is made up of any people whom God has chosen to believe in him and his son Jesus who is God as you say and I agree.. Their were people of old testament who were not Israelites but were the Israel of God.
        Some are mentioned Hebrews 11. These have an inheritance greater than any that were given to just plain earthly Jews.
        As you have said before Israel has been enlarged becvause gentiles have been grafted in to the natural root. When and where did the natural root begin. If natural unbelieving jews were cut off from the natural root and gentiles have been grafted in to the natural root and believing jews have remained in the natural root then and if one who calls themself a jew believes and is grafted back into the natural vine then who are all these that are in the natural root, and it took faith and belief to be in the natural root. All are obviously the true Israel of God are they not? All are Israelites in every sense of the word. All are sons, joint heirs, priests. Christ is the builder of this house, he is the chief cornerstone these make up the whole house of Jacob. They are a great nation as God told Abraham he would be the father of.
        What about all that Ivar

      7. Dear Todd,


        You wrote:

        As you have said before Israel has been enlarged becvause gentiles have been grafted in to the natural root. When and where did the natural root begin.

        My reply:

        If we recognize natural Israel, we who have been grafted, are the New Israel of God. The Messiah has not called us to replace natural Israel, but to enlarge her. To bless her, and to stand with her in all her trouble.

        If we try to replace natural Israel, we will not provoke her to jealousy. We will rather create an hostile environment, were those who believe in “Christ”, place them selves outside of Father, Son and Spirits plans for salvation.

      8. Hi again Ivar
        You raise a good point
        But, Those who have been cut off (unbelieving Jews)
        To be grafted back into the natural root they must believe
        by faith in Jesus. Just as anyone else. Then they would as you say be grafted into the new Israel of God. and in this new Israel of God Jesus says that everyone is all the same. Their is no one better than the other. They would then loose their specialness as a people. But yet in Christ we are a chosen people are we not?

      9. Dear Todd.


        We have been through this before, and I feel that you have problems fully understanding who Jesus the Messiah is. He is not created by a virgin, but is the great I AM. The very God of Israel. Just as His Father in Heaven. They are in agreement in regards to Israel, past, present and future.

        Yes, we are special to the Messiah, and in Him we are chosen. The Bible says we are co-citizens in Israel, and part of God’s plan of redemption. WITH Israel, not without her.

        Ephesians 3:6
        This mystery is that through the gospel the Gentiles are heirs together with Israel, members together of one body, and sharers together in the promise in Christ Jesus.

      10. Dear Todd.


        You wrote:

        But, Those who have been cut off (unbelieving Jews)To be grafted back into the natural root they must believe.

        My comment:

        Yes, they must believe in Jesus to be saved. And many Jews seek for the Messiah, and many of them do not rule out that Jesus is the Messiah. But the Bible explains to us that they have a wail in front of their yes. This wail has been placed by God, and can only be removed by The Holy Spirit. Our job is to love Israel, and to tell her the truth about who the Messiah is.

      11. Thanks Ivar for your reply
        Is always good to discuss these things with you. Again I appreciate the kindness and gentileness you always show to me.
        I do consider you a brother,and while we may disagree on some and agree on others I never mean to cause division between us I consider you a brother in Christ. If their is any thing that I can pray on your behalf please let me know. Please pray for me as I had a brother suddenly and most unexpectedly pass away 2 weeks ago. I struggle with it as I’m just not sure where he is now.
        Its during these times that I’m hopeful that the grace of God is greater than I can imagine.
        Anyway bless you today my friend
        Keep up the good work and don’t stay awake all night

  2. Scriptures say that God Himself will bring the Jews back to the land, and when He does they will follow Him with a whole heart. The Jews in Israel right now are not all following God with a whole hear, so scriptures lead me to believe that there will be one more scattering of the Jews in Israel, along with a great persecution, then a true regathering of Jews who serve God with their whole hearts by God Himself. After that all the nations will recognize the Jews as God’s chosen people, and no one will dare attack them for God will be there with them. Before that a man will give them their temple and claim to be their god; bad idea to follow him. For now Jews need to go to where ever God sends them.

    1. Dear Dov.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      You wrote:

      Scriptures say that God Himself will bring the Jews back to the land, and when He does they will follow Him with a whole heart.

      My reply:

      This is not true. God took all the Jews out of Egypt, good and bad alike. He exiled the Jews, both the righteous and the wicked. And God called the Jews, all of them, home in 1948. Some chose to listen, other refused to move. Many still refuse. Others are again making up their minds today.

      The view that ” God Him self” will bring them home, is an interesting viewpoint. I guess God does things through His creation?

      God did not exile them to Babylon, by airlifting them. He used a Babylonian king as His tool.

      Jeremiah 27:6
      Now I will hand all your countries over to my servant Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon; I will make even the wild animals subject to him.

      When the scattered Jews returned to Zion in 1948, God used people like me and you. We were offered Genesis 12: 1-3. If you (people) bless my people, I will bless you. If you curse or harm them, I will curse you.

      The Jewish people have always been a mixed crowed of people. It was like this in the book of Genesis, and it will be like this till the end of the book of Revelation.

      The Prophet Daniel writes from Babylon. His Jewish family were exiled, and Daniel was raised in this pagan Kingdom. Still God uses Daniel, and takes two tribes of Israel back home to Jerusalem, as He has promised.

  3. Ivarfjeld, True, but God” said when you turn to me with your whole heart” also in Isa. They are” children who have rebelled against me” , as most still do, right ? How do you reconcile this ? A believer in the Jewish Messiah, Barbr.


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