“When the priests process with the holy relics around the monastery grounds, the water level in the well rises”.

The head of a greek "saint" kept in a box and paraded through the streets.

This is written on a Greek Orthodox website. Here is the full story:

 One day St. Gerasimos set about digging a well near his monastery in Kefallonia. Standing at the bottom of the well he scooped up the damp earth, and the nuns hauled it to the surface. As they worked, a local villager passed by and said, “Look at this immoral monk with all his nuns.” The Saint, who could not have possibly heard the distant man’s words, climbed out of the well, and called for the villager to come to him. He wrote a short message on a piece of paper, folded it up and told him to take it to the judge. The note said, “Arrest him because he has falsely accused me.” The judge interrogated the man, who confessed his slanderous words and begged for mercy, not knowing that St. Gerasimos had also written, “…but set him free after you question him.”

The well still exists, and local Christians say that on the feastday of the Saint, when the priests process with the holy relics around the monastery grounds, the water level in the well rises as the relics approach it and recedes as the procession moves away.

 Source: John Sanidoppoulos.com

My comment:

Lets take a look at some more pictures:

The head of the corpse is paraded through a street in Greece.
It is not explained why some Greek Orthodox lie on the street in front of the skull.

In my opinion, the cut of head does not seems to find particular pleasures from within the box.

If the water in the well is rising during the religious march around the well, it might be another flood that might come to put God’s wrath on the wicked.

It is therefor understandable that the water do recede after the feast. Since God promised Noah to never kill the whole mankind again by flooding them.

A religious man in Greece kiss the feet of the skeleton.
The head of the saint has deterorated. The nose is gone on this picture from a You-tube video

But the gate of Hell is wide open for all who feel its pleasing to God to keep a cut of head in a box, and march it around on a Greek island.

Even kissing the corpse. What about bowing down and kissing the toe bone?

A religious man put his head inside the box, to kiss the "crosses on the chest of the saint.

Surely a grotesque expression of “faith”, and the absolute nadir of religious perversions in the name of “Ieso Cristo”, a Helenistic copycat.

You can watch the corpse and the march looking at this video:

Written by Ivar