Benjamin Netanyahu reminded the UN about the Laws of the “Palestine authority” with death penalty for sale of property to Jews.

Benjamin Netanyahu at his very best at the United Nations today.

The Israeli Prime Minister called a spade for a spade in the United Nations. The PLO has enforced Nazi inspired laws, and is a racist terrorist entry who wants to destroy the Jewish state.

The prime minister said that despite popular perception, Israel and he himself want peace, but that peace “must be anchored in security” and can not be forged by UN resolutions.

“Palestinians want a state without peace,” Netanyahu stated, telling the crowd “You should not let that happen.”

Netanyahu criticized the hypocrisy of the United Nations, noting that the UN Security Council is now headed by Lebanon, who is controlled by Hezbollah – a group considered a terrorist organization by the United States, Israel, and the European Union.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

I have studied many of Benjamin Netanyahu’s speeches. But this is probably one of his very best.

Entering the assembly of the wicked in New York,  he told the gathering the truth about what kind of wicked men they are. And what kind of wickedness and lies they are ready to support.

A lie can never become the truth. Even if a man called Abu Mazen, alias Mahmoud Abbas tells it a million times.

The light the prophet Isaiah spoke about is not “peace”, but the “prince of peace”. He was the only truth missing in the message from Netanyahu. One day the Messiah will return.  Those who are waiting for Him will be rescued. Those who have rejected Him will face eternal condemnation.

Written by Ivar