“Palestine will one day be liberated”. US should “stop supporting the Zionist regime,” dialogue with Israel won’t solve problems.

This is an illustration. But are you really able to see the difference?

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said he believes “Palestine will one day be liberated,” saying the Iranian government believes it is the Palestinians’ right to establish a state, speaking with university students in New York on Wednesday.

It would be better for the United States, he added, to “stop supporting the Zionist regime,” the official Iranian IRNA news agency reported.

Israel itself, he claimed, was established “in a bid to extend dominance over the Middle East.”

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

General Rommel and his butchers got stuck in the sand in the Middle East.

In 1942, Nazi-Germany was about to “liberate” Egypt from British “occupation”.

General Erwin Rommel almost succeeded in his North Africa campaign.

Hitler and Mussolini was not very interested in Egyptian culture.

They were on the road to Jerusalem, to “liberate the Holy land”, and slaughter some Jews.

Nazi-Germany failed in 1942.

The Iranian president has the same plans as Hitler. He wants to “liberate” Jerusalem. In good old English, its correct to talk about a “re-occupation”. Since Islam had ruled in Jerusalem before. The Muslims were kicked out of Jerusalem when the Christian British general Sir. Edmund Allanby liberated the city in 1917.  In 1948, Jordanian soldiers re-occupied East Jerusalem, but was kicked out by the victorious Zionist army in 1967.

The Muslims who have tried to re-occupy Jerusalem is a bunch of looser’s, and so are their supporters. It is simply not easy to retake a free city, and bring it back under a despotic totalitarian Islamic rule.

May God of the Bible keep the Islamic Jihad’ists out of Jerusalem. And let Jesus the Messiah return quickly to Earth, and deal with all the enemies of the truth.

Written by Ivar