A cardinal and his pope
Cardinal Martino tells lies about Israel.

A Vatican Cardinal should know better than using such words:

«The people of Gaza live in a big concentration camp».

He has become a victim of the lies, manipulations and deceptions of Radical Islam. Or he simply do not want to listen.

Cardinal Renato Martino, recently used these words when he pointed his finger at Israel. Martino is the head of the Vatican Council for Justice and Peace.

Lets take a closer look at the true Fascists of the Middle East.

Here are some striking examples of similarities between the Nazis in Germany and Hamas who rule in Gaza.

Both used violence to come to power:

Adolf Hitler set the Reichstag in Berlin on fire on 27th February 1993, and took over the office of the Chancellor of the Reich.


Hamas took control over the Governmental offices in Gaza in a bloody military cup on 15th of June 2007.


Both arrested their opponents and executed them without mercy:

The German Nazi-police have arrested Jews on the event of the Kristallnacht 10th of November 1938. Many of them did not survive the Holocaust.


Hamas arrested members of the rival group Fatah during the bloody military cup. Some of them were executed by being thrown off the roof tops in Gaza.


Both executes innocent people:

A Nazi soldier has hanged three Jews during World War II.


Hamas execute their own children in a Holy War. In the same way Nazi-jugend died like flies during World War II.


Both burns and destroys items of people they hate:

An German police officer burns Jewish books after the Nazis took control over Germany in 1933 .


Hamas burn what ever Jewish they can get their hands on.


Both use manipulation to control the masses:

Adolf Hitler overlooks his subjects. He convinced them, that the Jews were the bad guys. And that he was the true lover of peace.


A Hamas soldier overlooks their subjects in Gaza. The people of Gaza have been told that the Jews are the problem, and that Jihad will bring peace.


Both salute their leaders in the same manner:

Neo-Nazis give their honor to Adolf Hitler.


Just like Hamas and Hizbullah:


During the anti-Racism conference in Geneva i April, the supporters of the Iranian president shouted «Zio-Nazis» to the Jewish observers.

Muslim women in Islamabad display that the Iranian delegation are liars. They are the one who uses Nazi-methods against the Jews.


The Jews will never in a million years ask anyone to bless the Nazi-leader of World War II.

Dear Cardinal.

If we dont support Israel`s right to self-defense against Radical Islam, Hamas will surely establish concentration camps…The first one, for their own people in Gaza…

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First published: May 4th, 2009.