How can the UN recognize a state without borders, that wants to divide a capital of a free and democratic nation?

Norwegian Foreign Minister support Islamic terrorism, and endorse Abu Mazen. Both feel Sharia Laws will bring freedom to Jerusalem.

Before you voice your support for a “Palestinian state”, please consider these objections:

1. This new state will not have any borders.

2. This new state will be based on Islamic laws, and will divide the capital of a UN recognized state.

3. This new state is governed by a President who has no popular vote behind him.

4. This new state is divided into two different separated territories, ruled by a “Palestinian people” who kill each other in the name of “allah”.

5. This new state will demand to be a “Jew free zone”. Nazi-Germany also tried to become a “Jew free zone”.

6. This new state will not have any sea ports, and no air port.

7. This new state can only exist if supplied by aid from the European Union and the USA.

8. This new state has never recognized the state, that the UN demands must give up land areas to create this new statehood.

9. This new state have never existed before in history, and the city they claim as their capital has never been the capital of any other nation than ISRAEL.

10. This new state was funded on a new ideology created by Islamic terrorists (PLO) who in 1964 swore an oath to “allah” to destroy Israel.

Now you please consider my objections, and a claim that the demand for this statehood is a political hoax, an Islamic bid to get rid of the Jewish homeland, the state of Israel.

If you side with the enemy’s of Israel, you will face judgment. Those who divide this land brings a curse down on their own head.

Do you really want to bring curses down on your self and your children?

If so: You are a fool, and there will be no excuse for the Judgment you are going to face.

Written by Ivar