Participants may have been paid 5-11 thousand pounds to “go to the embassy and create chaos,” Egyptian newspaper reports.

An Islamic Facsist mob attacked the Israeli embassy in Cairo, backed with money from the NATO-backed Jihad movement.

Investigations into the storming of the Israeli embassy in Cairo revealed that young people may have been bribed into taking violent action that day, reported Egyptian newspaper Al Ahram on Sunday.

A source explained to Al Ahram that participants were assembled the day before the attack and taken by “luxury tourist buses” to eat a “lavish dinner.” They were told they need to take revenge against Israel “for our children who were killed on the border.”

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

I have earlier stated that the so-called Arab Spring looks more and more like the rise of Fascism in Europe. The ideology is the same, and the methods used are matching.

That underprivileged Muslims in Egypt are tempted with USD, the hungry are ready to do anything to get some bread.

In ancient Rome, the dictator on top used the same method. He gave people bread and circus, and the elite could do whatever they wanted.

The Sodom and Gomorrah generation of Rome brought down the hole empire.  The last generation on Earth will have pilled up the sins and generational curses from all ages. There have never been, and will never again be a more wicked generation on Planet Earth.

The age of grace is about to close. The age of divine judgment is about to begin.

Written by Ivar