Jonas Gahr Støre promise to support the formation of a “Palestinian” state on the mountains of Zion .

The anti-Zionist pro Jihad Foreign Miister of Norway bring down curses on the people of Norway. His name if Jonas Gahr Støre.

This is what the Foreign Minister of Norway wrote in his private blog.

“Only negotiations can solve the conflict between Israel and the Paestinians, and they must start immediately. But the Palestinians have a right to go to the United Nations. Norway will support this, and we are ready to recognize a Palestinian state”.

Source: Norwegian Christian Daily “Dagen”.

My comment:

Let no fact be hidden.

When Jonas Gahr Støre has head of the Norwegian Read Cross, He meet with the Hamas leadership in Gaza.

As Foreign Minister of Norway, Garh Støre lied about his continues contact with the Hamas.  His secret contacts with the Hamas was exposed by the Norwegian Tabloid daily VG.

The Bible says that liars and cheaters like Jonas Gahr Støre brings down curses on his own head, by his pro-Hamas politics. The Hamas curse Jews, and live in a stinking pit of Islamic Jihadism in Gaza.

This anti-Zionist minister visited Utøya the day before the massacre.  He was visited by the AUF-youth raising a “Boycott Israel” banner. The next day 69 of the were dead, and dozens more crippled by a lone gunman.

 Genesis 12:3
I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”

Norway and Hamas. Jonas Gahr Støre and Ismail Haniyeh gives us a big smile.

Gahr Støre has leant nothing about the consequences of his Jew-hate. Neither have the post-Christian population in Norway.  When this former Lutheran Kingdom side with Islam against Israel, they will place them self under divine judgement. The second coming of the Messiah will revoke all injustice. The gates of Hell will be heavily populated with people who sided with the enemies of Israel.

Read more about how Gahr Støre has been a double agent for Hamas.

Written by Ivar