UK amends law that allows arrest of Israeli officials

British Law will not permit NGO’s to misuse the court to demand arrest of Israeli leaders like Tzipni Livni.

Tzipi Livni do not have to fear arrest when she arrives in London.

British Ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould announced on Thursday that the Queen of England has signed an amendment to a bill that will prevent the issuing of arrest warrants against Israeli officials.

 “The Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act, which has now received Royal Assent, includes an important amendment to ensure that the UK’s justice system can no longer be abused for political reasons,” Gould said, adding that “the change will ensure that people cannot be detained when there is no realistic chance of prosecution, while ensuring that we continue to honour our international obligations”.

Livni welcomed the decision, saying “I am glad that the arrest warrant issued against me served as a wake up call for Britain, and will bring an end to the cynical abuse of the British legislation against IDF commanders and soldiers”.

“True justice has been served, and it will distinguish between leaders and commanders that defend their country against terrorism – such as the IDF soldiers – and real war criminal against whom this law was originally legislated.


My comment:

Let us praise Jesus for given more grace to both United Kingdom and the state of Israel.

Written by Ivar

One thought on “UK amends law that allows arrest of Israeli officials

  1. About time my country found its backbone and some good old fashioned common sense, have mercy on us Lord, bring revival and raise up Godly men and women in places of influence.

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