Immigrants in majority of labour party in Oslo city council

11 of 20 elected members of the Labour party in Oslo have a non Norwegian ethnic background.

Immigrants can take over the Labor party in Oslo city council.

After the 12th of September election in Oslo, the Labor party has changed from being a forum controlled by ethnic Norwegians, to a forum of immigrants representing the cities social democrats.

Islam-critics in Norway, have warned about the business of the Norwegian capital being taken over by non ethically Norwegians. In Oslo, 28,4 per cent of the population are immigrants, not of Norwegian origin.

The labor party have 20 elected members of the city council. 11 of them are not ethnically Norwegians. Immigrants are for the first time in majority.

It is difficult to criticize Norwegian immigration policies, because such voices are branded as racists. Any of us might face public accusations of being racists, if we raise our voice of concern.

In principle, the city council of Oslo can be ran by Muslims. The valid question will be” Why not?

The new political alliance between Islam and leftists politicians becomes obvious in their common effort to get rid of Zionism in Israel.

Written by Ivar..

One thought on “Immigrants in majority of labour party in Oslo city council

  1. I fully understand….just the other day, while I was sharing with some people about what is going on, (on the phone)…I knew it was not the way it use to be….let’s just say…it was not a two party call…it was a ‘3-way’ call!…anyone of my age would remember the ‘party-lines’ (smile)…No I did not stop …I did however ‘make it ‘clear’ so they could not be mistaken…strange…a few seconds later..the call was only a 2 party call….(smile) the one I was speaking to…laughed and said..ya think they didn’t like your reference to Pharaoh and the One World Religion? Praise The Lord..this is an exciting time we live in…

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