Let “secularism” in Egypt bring Islam to power by election

Submission. That is the key to peace. Erdogan tries to teach the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Turkish PM visits the generals in Egypt, to promote unity within Islam. Israel is branded as the common enemy.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan tries to promote the Turkish way during his visit to Cairo. But the difference between the Ottoman way to Islam and the Sunni Islamic culture, surfaced during Erdogan’s visit.

“Erdogan, Erdogan – a big welcome from the Brothers!” one protester’s banner said, in reference to the Muslim Brotherhood.

However, Brotherhood spokesman Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan said in a statement that Erdogan’s comments constituted foreign intervention into Egypt’s internal issues.

He said that it would be impossible to apply Turkey’s political reality to Egypt.

Erdogan said on the television program that “a secular state does not mean that the people are atheists, it means respect for all religions and each individual has the freedom to practice his own religion.”

He added: “99 percent of the population in Turkey are Muslims, there are Christians, Jews and minorities, but the state treats them equally and this is recognized by Islam and  has been true throughout Islamic history.”

Source: Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

Turkey is a nation ethically cleansed for Christianity. The final genocide took place in 1915-1916, when 1,5 million Orthodox Armenian Christians were slaughtered during a horrible genocide.

Egypt never crippled and killed the Coptic Christians. They are still 10 per cent of the Egyptian population.

The Turkish “secularism” had nothing to do with democracy. It was a military dictatorship established in the constitution, the elite’s bid to keep Islam at bay.  The secular military control over Turkey has ended.  Both residency of Abdullah Gul and Prime minister Erdogan are taking Turkey down the road of radicalization.

Islamic forces has taken over the military power of this NATO-member. Islam come to power by elections.

Israel is feeling the heart. Cornered by Turkey in the North, Syria to the East, and Egypt to the South.

Written by Ivar

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