Arab Spring took Jew-hate to the surface in the Middle East

Why do they hate us? That was the question in Israeli media the day after the embassy assault.

Jewish property set ablaze in Cairo. The Egytian eagle is used as a sign of victory.

Obama busy with West Bank settlements and the 1967 borders, didn’t put in the time and effort for a genuine Marshall Plan that could save the land of the Nile.

Now we see the Arab Spring in all its glory. Democracy in Egypt? Not yet. Enlightenment in Egypt?

Absolutely not.

So far the Arab Spring has brought us the Black Hole of Sinai, which sucks in all kinds of Islamic zealotry.

The transformation of Egypt from a moderate state to a rocky one that cannot even maintain public order.

A mass convergence on the Israeli embassy in Cairo. A violent break-in of that embassy. The flight of the Israeli diplomats from that embassy in the dead of night, like a gang of thieves.


My comment:

Lets take a look at some pictures.

The Nazis used the Prussian coat of arms. They claimed "god" was with them.
The Egyptian flag has an eagle, who was used during attacks on Jewish property in Cairo.
This symbol was on the belt of every SS soldier in Nazi-Germany.

During the crystal night in Germany in November 1938, we saw similar attacks on Jewish properties, as during the assault on the Israeli Embassy in Cairo.

Everything that is wrong in Egypt: Blame it on the Jews.
Everything wrong in Berlin: Blame it on the Jews. The cities main synagogue was set ablaze.

The Crystal night was the beginning of the end of humanity in Europe. Before Hitlers war machine had been dismantled, 60 million people had perished during the second world war.

Islam has an equally low respect for human rights, Jewish heritage, freedom and democracy as the Nazis.

That is why there is no free and democratic nation in the Muslim World, 1.300 year after a man called Muhammad walked in the saudi deserts.

Written by Ivar

6 thoughts on “Arab Spring took Jew-hate to the surface in the Middle East

  1. Det där kommer, till en början, inte sluta väl. Den arabiska våren har gett enorma möjligheter för de profetiska skrifterna i Bibeln att fullbordas angående Israel. Gott är att du och jag står på Israels sida och håller oss till Jesus Kristus. Och vi vet ju hur det kommer sluta…

    Hur som helst. Har du sett det här Ivar?

    Ankomsten av den ”eukaristiske kristus”
    Inom katolska kyrkan finns tre mycket avslöjande begrepp som dyker upp allt oftare. Dessa är:

    •”Ankomsten av den eukaristiske människan”
    •”Ankomsten av den eukaristiske kristus”
    •”Den eukaristiska regeringstiden”

  2. I responded to another post this morning. It was a picture of the twin towers after it had been reduced to rubble. On this picture was Allah’s name in Arabic. If I knew how to copy this picture and post it here, I would. If anyone knows how, please get a picture of Allah’s name in Arabic and post it on this site.
    In Genesis: God first introduces us to Ha Satan, in the form of the serpent, in the garden of Eden. When we read on a bit further, we read about the tower of Babel. This is when GOd scatters the nations and confuses the languages. I find it very telling that GOd would create the Arabic langague and that the name Allah, looks exactly like a serpent. Is this coincidental, or by divine design? I think, the latter. Allah’s name is the signiture of the serpent, right out in the open for all to see! anyone, please, find a picture of Allah’s name in Arabic, and post it.

  3. Just save the picture to your computer, then e-mail to Mr. Ivarjeld if permitted..

    Guess, we must get ready to meet our Maker!! Whoopee!! sorry for the lost lives but we are living at the end….

  4. I pray for the lost lives.

    Those symbols are too much alike and means something deeper in allegiance considering the history of both countries with Israel. No coincidences.

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