Israel with new silent UAV “terrorist searcher”

Israel has to stay ahead in military technology to survive. Take a look at the latest genius have invented.

Hamas terrorist will never be safe again, after this flying wounder will enter the streets of Gaza. May this robot be used to find Gilad Shalit. Amen.

A new Israeli silent “Ghost” UAV designed to haunt terrorists, and a new optical weapon were unveiled this week.

A new Israeli silent “Ghost” UAV, designed to haunt terrorists and operate in urban areas

It is equipped with an automatic vertical takeoff and landing system and can loiter for up to 30 minutes silently, thanks to twin rotary electrical engines.

The Ghost’s interface and operational concept is based on the principles of computer games and makes the system extremely intuitive to operate and requires little training, IAI said. The entire system can be carried in backpacks by two soldiers.

Also unveiled at the conference was the new Othello Optical Hostile Fire Source Locator system, weighing 22 pounds and operable by only one soldier.

It can be mounted on top of light tactical armored vehicles, infantry fighting vehicles and airborne platforms and precisely locates the sources of hostile fire, including antitank guided missiles, rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs), artillery and gunfire.

Another Israeli innovation at the conference is an electric-powered, tethered airborne platform for observation and other applications, which can be deployed from a static or moving ground vehicle or station up to an altitude of 100 meters.

Source: Israeli National News.

Take a look at this video and enjoy modern technology, that will protect innocent people against Islamic terrorists.

Written by Ivar

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