“We are all ‘children of Abraham’ and ‘people of the Book.'”

The Pope kissed the Koran, and became a man of the wrong book.

This is a statement of Catholic Priest Robert Robbins, director of the Archdiocese of New York’s commission on ecumenical and inter religious affairs.

It was given to the magazine National Catholic reporter. Robbins gave the statement in regards to The Tenth Anniversary of the World Trade Center Disaster.

Commemorations of the anniversary “are not ‘celebrations. “They are ‘remembrances’ of a day of untold death and violence,” Robbins said in an essay.

Interreligious gatherings, Father Robbins added, “should respect each tradition’s sacred writings as valid in their own right. The usual ‘red herring’ of Christians not being able to pray side-by-side with Jews and Muslims belies the fact that we are all ‘children of Abraham’ and ‘people of the Book.'”

Source: National Catholic reporter

My comment:

It should not come as a surprise for any Roman Catholic, that Christians and Muslims have two very different books. While Christians believe the Bible is the Word of God, Muslims have the Koran.

These two books are very different.

The Bible claims that Jesus is God, the “great I AM”, and the only way to Heaven. The Koran claims “god” has no son. Jesus was a prophet. Nothing more, nothing less. So both these books can simply not be the truth.

For a Roman Catholic is hardly matters. He will not follow the Bible anyway. If the Pope say the Muslims are saved by the creator “god’, than it must be so. Whatever the gospel  might explain to all who read and obey.

Written by Ivar