Tony Blair “godfather” for Rupert Murdoch’s children

Roman Catholic Tony Blair was “godfather” for two of Rupert Murdoch’s children during baptism in the river Jordan.

Tony Blair and Rupert Murdoch both serve the Pope in Rome as Papal Knights.

I the Magazine Vogue it is exposed that the former Prime Minister of the UK  Tony Blair was “godfather” for  Rupert Murdoch’s two children with his third wife.

The baptism took place in the river Jordan in Israel, a year ago.

The British media has raised serious objections, and Wales Online has the following:

 “The revelation has raised questions about what kind of role a godparent plays in a 21st-century, post-religious world”.

Kjelde: Wales Online.

This is the story from The Independent, that exposes anger in the UK in regards to the knighthood of Murdoch, given by Pope John Paul II.

Source:: The Indepentent

My comment:

I have earlier got pepper for claiming that freemason Tony Blair gives secret orders to world leaders, who also are Bildeberger’s or Papal knights.

Blair who turned Roman Catholic some years ago, is one of the highest illumenatis. Most likely He takes orders directly from the Black Pope, the Jesuit general in the Vatican.

It is not easy to prove this, since the freemasonry is a secret society.

That Blair came to bless his order brother Murdoch during a baptism ritual in Israel, is a good lead.

Wikipedia gives another important lead:

 “In 1967 Murdoch married Anna Torv, a Scottish-born cadet journalist working for his Sydney newspaper The Daily Telegraph (not to be mistaken for the actress Anna Torv of Fringe who is the elder Torv’s niece). During his marriage to Torv, a Roman Catholic, Murdoch was awarded the KSG, apapal honour.”

Rupert Murdoch, left, and Cardinal Edward Egan at the Alfred E Smith fundraising dinner in New York.

KSG is the short form for “The Pontifical Equestrian Order of St. Gregory the Great”

Now the puzzle starts to give us a picture.  Both Blair and Murdoch are Papal knights.

Murdoch is divorced twice, and married trice.  Murdoch was divorced from his Roman Catholic wife in 1999,  and married a director of his own Media empire.

But the damage was done. Murdoch was caught up in the games of the high ranking Vatican faithful.

There are many interesting aspects of the Blair-Murdoch relationship:

What religion do the Murdoch’s follow?  His third wife is from China.

How can Roman Catholic Tony Blair bless the children to a man who has been married trice?, and is divorced from a Roman Catholic?

If Blair and the Murdoch’s now, secretly, have converted and become Baptists, where does the demand for a “godfather” arise?

A better example of a secret freemansonry baptism ritual. we will not get so easily.

The truth is that both Blair og Murdoch are iluminati’s , and help the Pope to build  the new One World Religion.

Written by Ivar

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