Provocations in Nablus: Blame it on Jewish settlers

Where is the International outcry when Muslims blow up their own Mosques?

Even Islamic terrorists know how to draw the star of David. They make them every time they burn the Israeli flag.

The latest alleged attack on a Mosque by Jewish settlers are recorded by the Israeli newspapers.  Here is a quote from Ynet.  

 “Mosque has been torched near Nablus. ‪‪In what looks like a retaliation for razing at Migron outpost, Palestinians say first floor of compound set on fire with tires, windows smashed and slogans in Hebrew spray-painted on fence‬‬”.


My comment:

Even the Norwegian Pentecostal online New service “Korsets Seier” or “Victory of the cross” copied the Islamic messages distributed World wide.

The ongoing propaganda machine bids to portray all Jewish settlers as violent men, and lunatics that must be removed to make the new proposed Palestinian Islamic state “clean”.

I do not support violence, and Jewish settlers get angry and might attack Muslims.  As I have said earlier: Jesus has gathered Jews back home to Zion, both the good the bad and the ugly.

But no one must rule out, that the latest “attack” is yet another Fascist style provocation to trigger more political firepower against Israel and Jewish settlements.

Muslims have a long record of blowing up their own Mosques, so what is the big deal?

The “attacked” Mosque in Nablus was not even in use.

So even if Muslims burn down a closed house of worship, what kind of damage has been done?

Have you ever seen a Jew blowing up a synagogue, killing other Jews?

Why should Jewish settlers trigger more anger against them selves in the Muslim World, and globally?

Would that trigger more support for Jewish settlements, or more Jew-hate?  

The difference between Islam and Judaism is like the difference between darkness and light.  The devil can not stand the light, that the restoration of Israel represent in the Middle east.

Written by Ivar

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