Ehud Barak plays the nuclear card on Syria and Turkey

Do you want to destroy Israel? Please think twice, and be ready for a nuclear counter attack.

The Jewish state will use their nuclear weapons if anyone tries to bring Jews into another Holocaust.

Defense minister says Israel’s enemies wouldn’t dare use chemical weapons on Israelis, Assad’s days are numbered.

The day after OC Home Front Command Maj.-Gen. Eyal Eisenberg warned of growing chances for an all-out war, Defense Minister Ehud Barak downplayed the threats to Israel, and said that he did not predict that any of the country’s enemies would initiate a large scale conflict in the near future.

“We do not see a reason for any of our adversaries to initiate a large scale conflict with Israel. I am also convinced that none of our enemies will dare use chemical weapons against Israel, not now and not in the future,” he said on a tour of the border with Syria Tuesday morning. “Our adversaries know very well why they should not even think of using chemical weapons against Israel.”

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

“Do not mess with Israel”. That is what defense Minister Ehud Barak have told Turkey.

Not in direct words. But in between the lines, we sense the nuclear submarines getting their missiles ready for a flight to Ankara. If required.

It is very sad that Israel feel she has to play the nuclear card. But with 40,000 rockets already pointing into Israel from Lebanon and Gaza, it might be necessary with a reminder to the Muslim World.

An all out nuclear war in the Middle East will not only bring the final Holocaust to Tel Aviv and Haifa. But also to cities like Damascus and Cairo. And with the latest serious threats from Turkish PM Edrogan, also to Ankara.

When Israel display her nuclear muscles, it will not make an impact in Beijing. China will rather tell the other super powers to tell Israel who is the boss on planet Earth.

The International tension is about to rise. And Israel will feel the heat. The final battle will stand in Zion, to bring Zionist Jews into submission.

Written by Ivar

9 thoughts on “Ehud Barak plays the nuclear card on Syria and Turkey

  1. G-d uses various cosmic equations to test humankind. Like a caring, old professor he drops in from time to time on his students in the class room and sees what they are up to. Call this one the Isaiah Equation. Notes. H = Human Population in billions expressed as single digit (i.e. Currently 6.92) W = Number of nuclear weapons on Planet Earth E = Total global expenditure on weapons. P = Predisposition/Attitude of people in positions of power to solving conflicts through violence. (10 is high 1 is low) M = Is Moshiach present on Planet Earth. (Yes = 100 No = 0) S = Financial support in US Dollar terms of actual Messianic Command Structure. I = Chance that Isaiah’s prophecy is unfolding.

    1. Dear Adam.


      I can not recall, that you answered my question. Have you read Brit Hadasha, what we Christians call the New testament.

      It is not polite, you jump a simple question from the editor’s.

  2. Prophecy is setting up so quickly for Ezekiel 37, Pslam 83, and Isiah 17. Syria has mustard gas from Iraq. Syria has nothing to lose if they use it.

    I recently came across Scott Dryer at He claims that he thinks Assad is the anitchrist.

    Ther follwing are his assertions. Very Interesting. Isaiah 10:5-15
    haughty looking (NKJV); high looks (KJV)

    Daniel 7:8 & Daniel 7:20
    were eyes [insight into human eyes] like the eyes of a man (NKJV) see notes below
    whose appearance was greater than his fellows (NKJV)
    looked more imposing than the others (NIV)
    whose look was more stout than his fellows (KJV)
    larger in appearance than its associates (NASB)
    had eyes [possesed insight into human eyes] (KJV)
    spake very great things (KJV)
    mouth uttering great boasts (NASB)
    mouth which spoke pompous words (NKJV)

    Daniel 8:23-25
    fierce countenance (KJV); fierce features (NKJV);
    stern-faced king (NIV); a fierce king (NLT)

    Revelation 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19 & 20
    described as “the beast”
    Greek: Therion (Strong’s 2342) – a wild animal,
    wild beast, beast, brutal man,
    bestial man, savage or ferocious
    Arabic: al-Wahash – the beast…he is a Syrian Arab

    Revelation 13:18 (see tutorial below)
    Arabic gematria\numerology of his name

    Isaiah 10:5-15, 13:1-22, 14:24-27, 30:27-33 & 31:4-9
    The Assyrian, The King of Assyria, The King of Babylon\The Opressor (ancient Assyria & ancient Babylon)

    Ezekiel 28:1-10
    The Prince of Tyre\Tyrus (Tyre, Lebanon)

    Daniel 7 & 8
    The Little Horn (in Daniel’s two visions)

    Daniel 11
    King of the North (Syria, north of Israel within ancient Assyria)

    2 Thessalonians 2
    The Man of Sin\Lawlessness (Torah-less), The Son of Perdition

    1 John 2:18
    The Antichrist

    Revelation 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19 & 20
    The Beast
    Arabic: al-Wahash – the beast

    Joel 1
    The Lion
    Arabic: al-Asad – the lion

    Micah 5
    The Assyrian

    FACT SHEET: (an ongoing work so send us what you find!)
    Bashar Al-Asad, Basharu l-Assad, Bashir el-Asad, Bashar Al-Assad, Bassar Al-Asad.

    SOURCES INCLUDE – Wikipedia, Encyclopedia of the Orient,, etc…

    Born September 11th, 1965 in Damascus, Syria. Called by its Arabic name Dimashq ash-Shām (Ash-Shām) for NORTH, NORTHERN or “land to the north.”

    Often called “Guardian Hunter” in his military career, a name given to him after the Greek Orion who was “the archer” in the heavens. Nimrod was also called the “Mighty Hunter” of men and was a rebel against YHWH from Assyria.

    Son of Hafez al-Asad, formerly Hafez al-Wahash (the beast), the “Sphinx of Damascus” and former President of Syria. A sphinx is a Cherub or Karab in Hebrew.

    Alawite Muslim – highly secretive splinter sect of Shia Islam incorporating Christopagan, Islamic, Gnostic & Zoroastrian beliefs including but not limited to: Belief that in each world age special prophets like Jesus or Mohammed came to show the right path. Belief in metempsychosis, the soul ascends into the heavens via a series of transformations.

    Raised primarily in Qardaha\Latakia, Syria (Laodicea, Syria)

    Former Chairman of the Syrian Computer Society

    Syrian & UK educated Ophthalmologist

    Speaks Arabic, English & French

    Not only are both the ram and the goat mentioned in the Tanakh as symbols of power, but Cumont has noted that different lands were assigned to the signs of the Zodiac according to astronomical geography. In this view, Persia is thought of as under the zodiacal sign of Aries, the “ram,” and Greece as sharing with Syria, the principal territory of the Seleucid monarchy, the zodiacal sign of Capricorn, the “goat.” The word Capricorn is derived from the Latin, caper, a goat and cornu, a horn.

    1. Dear Richard.


      We have earlier spoken about strange false prophecies. One of them is that Basher al Assad is the last anti-Christ.

      Also: Please do not publish long booklets made by others on this blog.

      I am responsible for people, not being misled on this site.

      If you find something interesting, make a link. Than people can chose to press it or not.

  3. No worries I just thought it was interesting. I didnt post it to mislead. No one has the answer to who is the antichrist or where he will specifically come from other than the east. I dont recall discussing it with you but maybe I did. You can delete my posts if you think they are wrong or out of line you wont hurt my feelings.

    1. Dear Richard.


      No need to delete.

      This is a site of free expression. As long as there is no filthy language, Jew-hate or insults without regrets.

      I have also spammed people who do not answer simple questions. They are not here to debate, but to mislead.

      You are not one of them.

  4. I really enjoy your site and comments on current news. (However, it’s muscles not mussels; those would be small sea creatures) Keep the faith and keeping looking up for the return of Jesus!

  5. Could someone explain the translation below please:

    Daniel 7:8 & Daniel 7:20
    were eyes [insight into human eyes] like the eyes of a man

    I cannot find a translation with ‘insight into human eyes’ though have looks at NKJV.

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