Criticism of Islam branded in London as terrorism

The Guardian claims “Anti-fascist protesters” gather as EDL holds London demonstration.

Those who are critics of Islam are Fascists, claims Muslim and leftists in London.

Huge crowds are assembling before a planned demonstration by the English Defence League (EDL) in east London, vowing to defend the community from the far-right group.

Tensions have been heightened by the actions of the anti-Muslim extremist Anders Behring Breivik, who admitted killing 77 people in July when he detonated a bomb in the Norwegian capital, Oslo before embarking on a shooting spree at a youth camp on the nearby Utøya island.

The EDL demonstration is its first since the killings by Brievik, who had praised the organisation in the past and claimed to have 600 EDL supporters as friends on Facebook.

Source: The Guardian

My comment:

The World is turned up side down. What is right has become wrong. An evil is now presented as good.

The links between Islam and Fascism is well known, for all who read in a dictionary about the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, and his support for Nazi-Germany.

Both Islam and Nazism can not accept Jews living in a sovereign state.  Such Jews are best dead, but can under certain conditions live in submission to Muslim rulers, as permitted by Sharia Laws.

The Norwegian Templar Knight Breivik is portrayed as a Islam-hater. But He killed secular Norwegian youth at a political sumer camp. He did not attack the Muslim community in Oslo.

Why is Breivik not portrayed as a lover of the Pope?

In his manifest, Breivik says he wants all Norwegians to return to the Roman Catholic faith, and that the Pope is the highest knight of Christendom.

People who do not have the Spirit of God reigning in their heart, will never be able to understand. Those who rejects Jesus, will not love their enemies. They will keep on doing the devils work, cripple and slaughter each other.  The rest will stay silent on the sideline, and try to save their life in the flesh.

Written by Ivar.

3 thoughts on “Criticism of Islam branded in London as terrorism

  1. It is also important to realize that shareing the gospel of Jesus is offensive to Islam. Pretty soon, that will be outlawed as well.
    How crazy is it; that a godless bunch of left wing nuts, throw all of their effort, time, and their wealth, into supporting Islam. Do they not realize that Islam is a brutal religion, and that, if they are successful,they themselves, will be forced to live under its laws. At least in a free society they still have the option,
    to choose whether or not to worship. Under Islam they will be forced to live their lives under Sharia. In the end, it will be a kind of poetic justice, for them to be forced to suffer, in the very hell, that they helped to create.
    Think of the shock that people like Barney Frank, or Elena Kagan will expeirence, when Sharia is the law of the land.

  2. Hi Rose,
    Janet N, the director of Homeland Security, has already branded, as domestic terrorist, those of us who are against abortion or homosexuality.
    This does not come as a huge shock, to those of us who study the bible. We know that in the last days, the antichrist, and his kingdom, must rise to power. We are aware, that we will be hated by all nations, for shareing the gospel of Jesus Christ.
    Many people, who are at this time, in positions of power, are filled with rage toward true believers. You may be right, perhaps, they are blinded to the true condition, of their darkened hearts and minds.
    However, GOD put in each of us, the ability to discern right from wrong. But, if a person continues in wickedness, at some point, GOd does give them over to a reprobate mind.

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