Turkish hostility against Israel based on lies and deception

The IDF solders that boarded the “aid flotilla” bound for Gaza were attacked, and acted in self-defense.

The "aid ship" full of hostile Muslims were equipped and sent from Turkey to intimidate and trigger an Israeli response.

Israeli representative to the Palmer Commission Joseph Ciechanover has expressed Friday that the Israeli navy did not use “excessive and unreasonable force,'”

“Israel believes that the committee did not sufficiently consider the operational limitations, which determined the boarding process, including the need of an undercover takeover meant to minimize the risk of resistance once onboard.”

As for the report’s conclusions regarding the Navy commandoes’ actions once they encountered resistance onboard the Mavi Marmara, Ciechanover stated “clearly it was a dangerous and real life-threatening situation.”

Ciechanover said the committee members had mentioned that “the IDF forces encountered violent and organized resistance from a group of passengers once onboard the Marmara”.

First after many warnings, the Israeli commandos bordered the ship using helicopters..

“The committee confirmed the fact that video clips showing the passengers wearing ‘bullet-proof vests and holding iron rods, slingshots, chains and clubs’ in fact ‘supports reports of violence as told by IDF soldiers during the Israel investigation.

The committee also substantiated that ‘two soldiers were shot’, ‘three soldiers were caught, abused and were in danger’ while ‘seven soldiers were injured by the passengers, some of them severely injured.'”

In light of these circumstances, Ciechanover inferred that “the Israel soldiers clearly acted in self defense and reacted reasonably, proportionally and in a restrained manner, including use of non-lethal force when possible.”

Source: Ynetnews.com

My comment:

What kind of force are Turkey using against its own  Kurdish population?

By sending drones to bomb villages in Eastern Turkey, are the Turks using “appropriate force”?

Sending NATO-bombers to kill and cripple the Kurdish population in Northers Iraq, will by Ankara and Washington be presented as an act of justice and self-defense, I presume?

When Islamic terrorists are supported by Turkey to bypass the sovereign sea borders of Israel to bring supplies Hamas, Israel would even have a moral responsibility to stop this ship of Islamic pirates. Even if the ship has to be blown into pieces.

God of the Bible did not tell Gideon to send all his soldiers home. The victory on the battlefield was won by the Power of God, that made a spectacle of the foolishness of His enemies.

Turkey has now declared it self to be an enemy of both God of the Bible and Zion.

Written by Ivar

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