Turkey rape the Kurdish people in Northern Iraq

Islamic Turkey have bombed Kurish freedom fighters inside Northern Iraq for almost two weeks.

President Abdullah Gul and PM Erdogan are leading a NATO-member state who massacres the Kurdish people inside both Turkey and Iraq.

Iraq’s foreign ministry summoned the Turkish ambassador in Baghdad on Thursday to deliver a diplomatic letter protesting Turkey’s aerial and artillery bombardment of northern Iraq.

Turkish armed forces have been striking what the country calls PKK safe havens in Iraq’s Kurdish autonomous region.
About 90 to 100 Kurdish rebel fighters have been killed since the incursion started, Turkey said Tuesday. Around 80 people have been wounded in the push, the military said.

Source: CNN

Police clash with Kurdish youths in Istanbul

Published: Sep 1, 2011 18:52 Updated: Sep 1, 2011 18:52

Kurdish "Peace day" protests turned violent in Istanbul.

ANKARA, Turkey: Police have clashed with dozens of stone-throwing Kurdish protesters at a peace rally that turned violent in Istanbul.

HaberTurk television video footage showed clashes erupting Thursday when a group of Kurdish youths, their faces covered with scarves, refused to be searched at the entrance to the grounds of the rally and some pelted police with sticks and stones.

Police fired several rounds of tear gas to disperse the crowd. Firebombs could be seen burning on the street.

My comment:

Turkey trying to play moral police in the Middle East. Israel “occupation” of Palestine is one of the targets for Turkish foreign policy.
Throwing stones when you sit in a glass house, is foolishness.

Turkey kill and cripple the Kurdish people inside Northern Iraq. This crimes against humanity goes on by a NATO member, who tries to “save life of rebels “ in Libya.

Turkey also occupy Northern Cyprus.

The hypocrisy within the NATO alliance is now coming to us unlimited.

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