Muslims and leftists attack Israeli concert in London

A rainbow alliance of Islamic inspired Jew-haters silenced a consent in Royal Albert Hall last night.

The enemies of God attacking culture and civilized people, to bring us all into submission to Islam. Here Israel Philharmonic Orchestra playing in London.

More details are coming in on the protests by Palestinian supporters who disrupted the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra’s performance at the Royal Albert Hall in London Thursday night, leading to the cancellation of the live radio broadcast on BBC Radio.

The concert started as normal and then “a group of 10 to 15 people stood up in the choir stalls [behind the orchestra],” said London lawyer Paul Infield, 56, who was in the audience.

“Each person was carrying a white sheet on which had been drawn a letter spelling out ‘Free Palestine.’ ” The group was singing words to the tune of Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” and went quietly when ushers removed them, he said.

Infield continued his account, saying that many in the audience of close to 6,000 booed, hissed and shouted “Get out!” and “Go home!” along with obscenities.

The audience also responded to the protest with slow hand clapping, which is considered an offensive gesture in Britain.

Subsequent disruptions, which eventually numbered about half a dozen, were played out in a similar fashion. A man who had silently displayed an Israeli flag was also removed by Royal Albert Hall staff.

Outside Royal Albert Hall hundreds of Muslims and leftist of different colors were gathered in a bid to stop the concert. For the first time ever, the BBC was forced to stop the life radio coverage from Royal Albert Hall.

Source: Los Angeles Times

My comment:

Jew-hate is the most perverted form of civilization. Throughout the ages, Satan has used his children to attack the people God of the Bible used to bring humanism to the World.

Submission to the Law of Moses, the 10 commandments, is what made man a civilized being. Those who attack our Judeo-Christian roots, are all evil doers among us. To promote a new anti-Jewish Islamic state around Jerusalem during a concert of performing Jews, is not only wickedness.

The new anti-Israeli alliance between Islam and Socialists of different colors, are nothing but the Nazi-movement rising for a second time in Europe.

Hitler enforced a ban on all kind of public Jewish cultural performances in Germany.

The Nazis used provocations like yesterdays disruption of a classical music concert in London, when they seized power in Germany. By intimidation and violence, they brought fear and submission into the society.

Berlin 1931 and London 2011, there are no difference.

Jesus told us to love the Jews. He has during the ages  grafted millions of gentiles into the Jewish faith.

 John 16:2
They will put you out of the synagogue; in fact, the time is coming when anyone who kills you will think they are offering a service to God.

The mass invitation of Muslim to the UK, will first bring the kingdom into chaos, and than submission to all that is wrong.  Those who hate Jews hate God. They are His very enemies.

Written by Ivar

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