US refuse to accept Jerusalem as part of Israel

The US Embassy in Israel refuse to stamp “Jerusalem” as birth place in Israeli passports.

Born in Israel, or just born in Jerusalem?

The US Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case of Zivitofsky v. Clinton.

The case involves a law passed by Congress that requires the State Department to write “Israel” as the place of birth on the passports of all US citizens born in Jerusalem, a law the State Department refuses to enforce.

The State Department will only write “Jerusalem.”  The Lewin’s argue several points:

•    The State Department policy is discriminatory because it allows those who are anti-Israel to remove the word “Israel” from their passport but does not allow those who are pro-Israel to add it.  The law passed by Congress aims to correct that policy.

•    Congress has been legislating on issues related to passports since the mid 1800’s.

•    US citizens born in other places can self identify by listing unrecognized sovereigns ons as their place of birth on their passports (Gaza, West Bank) but does not allow those born in Jerusalem to self identify as being born in Israel.

•    The state Department does not recognize Taiwan as an independent country (it recognizes instead the People’s Republic of China) but allows those US citizens born in Taiwan to write Taiwan on their passports if they desire.

•    Other agencies if the US government identify Jerusalem as part of Israel without it changing US policy.

•    The most upsetting of the State Department’s claims is that enforcing this law passed by the US Congress would upset the Arab world. Anne Lieberman of Boker Tov Boulder so aptly put it:

“Are we to accept that the State Department is more considerate of the view of the Arab World over that of the US Congress?!!”
Upsetting the Palestinians and the Arab world should not be justification for failing to impose a law passed by the US Congress and signed by the President.

Source: One Jerusalem

5 thoughts on “US refuse to accept Jerusalem as part of Israel

  1. The United States is fast becoming irrelevant on the world stage. Obama and his minions are seeing to that. This is just another example of how puny Obama really is. He is totally devoid of any ability to act in a honorable manner. His opinion, isn’t worthy of acknowledgement, and neither is that of anyone else, in his corrupt administration.
    Thankfully, the GOd who spoke the universe into existance, will have the finale say on this matter. One day soon, the heavens will burst open with a brilliance beyond comprehention. Yeshua’s feet will stand on the Temple Mount, and His voice will declare; that Jerusalem is His city,and Israel His land, and that all of Abraham’s seed are His children. I can only feel pity for Obama on that day. If he remains steadfast, in his devotion to allah, then it is by his own choice, that he will spend eternity in hell, with his god.

  2. obama the putred has chosen who he will lie with long before he became pres. will Jesus Christ have pity on obama, I don’t think so..that’s why The Lord gave us free choice.
    my thoughts Denise, you are quite right…

    Ajad is burning Bibles in Iran to stop the spreading of Christanity…interesting, at least people there have a chance…

    1. Dear Kathy Lynn.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site, my Jewish sister.

      Have you found peace with God? Do you know that Yeshua is the Messiah, and that He is about to return to Earth?

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